The Leap Year Party is a party that celebrates the extra day of a leap year. This party returns around leap day (February 29) every leap year (every four years) and was first introduced on February 27, 2012. and the second on February 28, 2016


This party takes place in a modified Treehouse Den that includes a leaf slide from the top floor all the way back down to the ground. In 2016, It was decorated with many frogs, as in the pun "leap", and plant life.


This party has a long slide for jammers to use as well as two shops that sell clothing accessories and den items. The party also contains a trading-themed version of The Claw that rewards certain non-member clothing items.


The shops in this party sell a mix of frog-themed den items and recolored variations of existing clothing items with new names.

Leap Year Clothing (2016)

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Item Gems Members-Only?
Fox head-0 Fluffy Fox Head 1,000 No
Happy Cat Hat Happy Cat Hat 800 Yes
Striped Epic Antlers Striped Epic Antlers 950 Yes
Striped Candle Hat Striped Candle Hat 600 Yes
Wild Winter Hat Wild Winter Hat 650 Yes
Zany Hat Zany Hat 650 Yes

Leap Year Den Items (2016)

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Item Gems Members-Only?
Frog TV Frog TV 850 Yes
Giant Frog Plushie Giant Frog Plushie 1,000 Yes
FrogChair Frog Chair 900 Yes
FrogLamp Frog Lamp 600 Yes
FrogWallArt1 Frog Wall Art 450 No
NestingFrogs Nesting Frogs 1,000 Yes


  • The claw machine in this party is the same as those found in the Trading Party as well as the trading-themed Jammer Parties.
  • The party returned to Jamaa on February 28, 2016.
  • The Sarepia Forest music is played in this party.
  • After the party was removed, all of the items that were sold in the party were given golden rare tags, similar to the original party's items from 2012.
  • The party features frogs, as they are known to leap.
  • The next Leap Year Party will take place in 2020.
  • The 2016 Leap Year clothing is all head items.

Differences in 2012

  • The original items sold in 2012 were all titled "rare" and once the party was removed. Items from the 2016 party also received a rare tag.
  • The clothing items sold in the 2012 party were the following:
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Item Type? Members-Only?
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Necklace Rare Necklace 2Neck No
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Beard Rare Beard 1Head Yes
Rare Top Hat Rare Top Hat 1Head Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Worn-Blanket Rare Worn Blanket 3Body No
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Shark-Fin Rare Shark Fin 3Body No
Rare Wings Rare Wings 3Body Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Jester-Hat Rare Jester Hat 1Head Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Phantom-Hat Rare Phantom Hat 1Head Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Chicken-Hat Rare Chicken Hat 1Head Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Elf-Helmet Rare Elf Helmet 1Head Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Elf-Armor Rare Elf Armor 3Body Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Leg-Armor Rare Leg Armor 4Legs Yes
  • The den items sold were the following:
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Item Members-Only?
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Wood-Fence Rare Wood Fence Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Table-With-Orb Rare Table With Orb Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Stone-Chair Rare Stone Chair Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Magic-Mirror Rare Magic Mirror Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Floor-Lamp Rare Floor Lamp Yes
Leap-Year-Accessories Rare-Skinny-Lamp Rare Skinny Lamp No
  • In 2012, this party contained two claw machines: the standard version that rewards a variety of plushies and a new lion plushie version, which was originally the only way to obtain a Lion Plushie.
  • The original party in 2012 had an info button that, when clicked, would display a pop-up that explained what a leap year is.
  • During leap day itself (February 29, 2012), the party list was full of only this party and no other parties.


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2012 Party

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