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The Koala is a non-member land animal that was first released on July 17, 2010. They were one of the six animals available in Beta Testing.

Default Appearance

The Koala is short and fuzzy, with huge furry tan-brown ears with spirals indicating the ear's insides. The Koala has two large black round eyes; a large, upside-down triangular brown nose; tan-shading around the eyes and a matching neck and stomach. The rest of the Koala is light brown, and they stand up on their hind-legs and walk on all four legs.

They have travelled in the past, limiting player access to them. They left April 11, 2013, and returned permanently on July 25, 2013.

They were the second animal to travel. They have come back from their Adventures with Cosmo, the Koala Alpha, allowing Jammers to purchase and play with them again.

When they returned, the land, Kimbara Outback appeared. It has not been confirmed that it was the Koalas who discovered Kimbara Outback, and it may have been a coincidence.


  • Koala Sitting
  • Koala dance
  • Koala jump
  • Koala sleep
  • Koala play
Acts Description
Sits and leans head on one side.
Waves arms right and left and then jumps, imitating the hula.
Sleeps facing sideways.
Sits then springs up. It is almost as high as a bunny's hop.
Does a somersault, shakes ears, and then scratches neck.


  • Its special plushies include a superhero mask, head flower, and mohawk added on to the original plushie.
  • They are the first playable marsupials in Jamaa.
  • Unlike Kangaroos, koalas' pouches are not visible.
  • There used to be a glitch where a player can obtain the koala while it was traveling.


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