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Kimbara Outback is a desert-like area in Jamaa. It is the most recently-released area, being released on July 25, 2013, when Koalas returned and on November 16, 2016 for Play Wild.


  • Gabby's animal hospital - The hospital is a place that looks similar to a nurturing center. Likewise, it sells clothing items related to its theme.It was before known as the Medical Center
  • Outback Imports - Outback Imports is a shop in which Jammers may buy den items relating to items found in the australian outback, such as a stone object. During the Jamaalidays, Jammers may also buy Jamaaliday-themed den items.

Journey Book

When a Jammer successfully finds and clicks on all of the animals featured in its Journey Book, a Windmill is distributed to them. Below is a list of the animals found at Kimbara Outback and their specific locations within the area.

Journey Book of Kimbara Outback

The completed Journey Book page on Kimbara Outback

Click "show" to see a list of Journey Book features and their locations
  • Blue Penguin - At the bottom of the waterfall
  • Cassowary - In the background of Kimbara Outback
  • Echidna - At the rock below the Medical Center
  • Frilled Lizard - Underneath the boardwalk
  • Galah - At the roof of the Medical Center
  • Kookaburra - At the Medical Center's doorframe
  • Lyrebird - On the tree next to the waterfall
  • Platypus - In the pond under the waterfall
  • Sugar Glider - On the windmill
  • Tiger Snake - On the left of the Medical Center
  • Trapdoor Spider - On the web next to the Medical Center


  • Kimbara Outback is only called "Kimbara" on the Map.
  • Kimbara Outback is the newest addition to the world of Jamaa.
  • It is the second land to be released outside beta stage on Play Wild, the first being Appondale.


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