Kani Cove is a desolate area, with shipwrecks, debris, and loot. It was introduced on October 27, 2011, over one month after the first three ocean areas were introduced. Tierney's Aquarium is connected to Kani Cove by an opening dug into the ocean, northwest of the cove. East is a large arch that passes through to the Deep Blue.


One of the interesting features of the area is a sunken ship where the back half of the ship has been converted into the Sunken Treasures shop. This shop sells aquatic, pirate, or atlantis themed furniture for underwater dens only. This area also features a field of interactive tube worms; when a tube worm is hovered over with the mouse, it hides in its tube for a moment before coming back out. Just above the Sunken Treasures shop entrance, among the flags, is an adoption icon for the Pet Jellyfish.

Journey Book

The Kani Cove Journey Book consists of ten different creatures. The reward for finding all of the creatures is a Toy Boat Pond.

Journey Book of Kani Cove

The completed Journey Book page on Kani Cove

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Species Location
Parrotfish Parrot Fish It can be found constantly swimming back and forth through the red tube worm field to the left of the ship wreck.
Sea Urchin Sea Urchin This lies just above the treasure chest and to the right of the red tube worms.
Cuttlefish Cuttlefish It appears camouflaged and swims quickly near the bottom of the sea floor from the Deep Blue entrance to Sunken Treasures.
Kani Cove Conch Conch This slowly crawls along the sea floor like a snail from the Deep Blue entrance over the Sunken Treasures and back.
Nautilus Nautilus It occasionally swims out from behind the rocks at the stern of the ship to the treasure chest near the tube worm field and then swims back.
Shrimp Shrimp This creature periodically "hops" slowly along the bottom of the sea floor from below the entrance to Deep Blue to below the entrance of Sunken Treasures.
Spotted Eel Snake Spotted Snake Eel It is located in the tipped-over barrel in between the left and right half of the sunken ship.
Hammerhead Shark Hammerhead Shark It occasionally swims from the entrance of Tierney's Aquarium to the tattered sails of the ship wreck.
Kani Cove Manatee Manatee It can be found slowly swimming near the entrance that leads to Tierney's Aquarium.
Cormorant Cormorant It periodically dives down to the school of fish neck the ship wreck's mast.


  • On the shipwreck there is a carving of a phantom. It could have been a Phantom battleship.
  • The interactive tube worms can be purchased from the Sunken Treasures shop.
  • It was released at the same time as the Sea Turtle.
  • Kani Cove is one of the smallest of Jamaa's underwater places.


The music seems to have a pirate-like theme. It seems to go along well with the sunken ship that houses a store inside, Sunken Treasures.


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