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Jamaa Township is the main town area in Jamaa.


Jammers take this land, or room, as an opportunity to trade, advertise events, and start random flash mobs. Jamaa Township includes shops like Jam Mart Clothing, Jam Mart Furniture, and the Diamond Shop. All three shops host sales, discounts, and often contain limited edition items. Jamaa Township also has fun leisure centers like the Sol Arcade or the Pillow Room. The one unspecified animal is the ladybug which shows up at random times. Jamaa Township is decorated according to the current season or holiday. 


Icon of the Jamaa Derby
Jamaa Derby - In the derby, members use their own avatar if they have a Horse, while non-members use a generic horse with no accessories. They have to click the screen, or press the space bar to jump over obstacles (mud pools, hay piles, large puddles, patches of tall grass), and make sure their timing is right to clear all of the obstacles. The three carrots signify the boost buttons. They may use the boost button three times only to get ahead of other horses. Emoticons are to the left and right of the carrots (cool, sneaky, wink, :P, surprise, and tired). Once you pass the finish line, your avatar dances. Then a box pops up, with the ranking list, at the bottom is a fun fact. Outside the game, first place winners have their ribbon next to their avatar for a few minutes. 

Ducky Dash - This is a members-only mini-game. The player must have a pet duck in order to play. The objective of the game is to swim away from tidal waves, tsunamis, or rivers, and avoid the obstacles encountered. Catching rubber duckies will earn the player Gems, but once they get sucked into the waves, is game over. This game replaced River Race in 2012.


Closer Preview


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