The Jam Session is a music-themed party for all land animals and was first introduced on April 25, 2013. It appears in the party list very infrequently and can usually be found once a week.


Jam-Session Flames Full

The party takes place at an outdoor stage during sunset with giant speakers playing music in the background. There are various instruments on the stage such as DJ Turntables, Keyboard, AJ Drum Set, AJ Guitar, and Bass Guitar. The stage has a backdrop with colored sheets and white Strobe Lights at the top. Jammers first arrive in front of the stage on a lawn that includes white lights pointing up at the stage.


The music played at the party is a simplified version of Jam Session without the main melody. It only includes the background music consisting of bass guitar, drums, and electric keyboard. This music changes to the full version of Jam Session, including the melody, once many Jammers are dancing.


Jammers can buy various music-themed items at this party's three shops: a clothing shop to the right of the stage, a den item shop to the left of the stage, and a music shop on the left side of the stage. Jammers can also dance on the stage to cause the strobe lights to change colors. Once five Jammers start dancing onstage, the lights in the front of the stage will shoot out flames and the music will change to include the main melody. Jammers can click on each of the instruments onstage to produce a different sound and make their own rhythms with these instruments to go along with the main music.

Jam Session Shop

Den Items

The den item shop sells instruments similar to those found on the stage and more.

Item Gems Members-Only?
NoteWallArt White(1) Note Wall Art 350 Yes
TriangleWindow Red(1) Triangle Window 400 No
QuarterNoteChair Red(1) Quarter Note Chair 450 Yes
PianoPlanter Brown(1) Piano Planter 900 Yes
Drum Flower Planter Drum Flower Planter 700 Yes
KeyboardCouch Black(default) Keyboard Couch 700 Yes
FluteLamp Black(1) Flute Lamp 600 Yes
JCB 1 Cowbell 300 No
DJT 1 DJ Turntables 500 Yes
JKY 5 Keyboard 400 Yes
AJDS 1 AJ Drum Set 500 Yes
AJG 1 AJ Guitar 450 Yes
ABG 1 Bass Guitar 450 Yes


The clothing shop sells instruments that can be worn.

Item Gems Members-Only?
JV 1 Violin 450 Yes
JSX 1 Saxophone 400 Yes
Keytar 1 Keytar 400 Yes
Shop Accordion Blue Accordion 400 Yes
Drum blue Drum 400 Yes
Clarinet 1 Clarinet 450 No
G1 Guitar 450 Yes


The music shop sells the music played during this party.

Item Gems Members-Only?
Jam-Session-Shop Jam-Session Jam Session (Music) 100 Yes


  • This is the only party with music that changes depending on what the Jammers are doing.
  • It is one of the two parties without the word "party" in the name, the other being the Jamaaliday Jam.
  • This party appeared on the Parties list once every hour during the celebration of Make Music Day (June 21). During the 2016 celebration, this also included the release of the Rare Guitar Rug for one day only.
  • The Welcome Party is based on this party and uses the same background.


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