This article is about the shop. For the room, see Jam Mart Furniture (Place).

Jam Mart Furniture is a shop that sells various den items. It was one of the first stores introduced during the Beta Testing. It can be found in the top-right part of Jamaa Township, inside a building surrounded by bamboo, or by clicking on the shop button while editing a land den. Most items for dens are sold here.


The shop appears as a variety of decorative objects scattered around the room on tables and on the floor such as Pillows and other den items. Many of these decorative items are no longer sold, such as the Mira Statue, Tall Cactus, and Bird Feeder. Some of the other decorations are still sold but in other stores such as the Fire Pot, Speakers, and the Telescope.



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Den Items Gems Members-Only?
Star Lamp blue Star Lamp 400 Yes
ButterflyTable Orange(1) Butterfly Table 700 Yes
Ladybug stool Ladybug Stool 650 Yes
Beach towel rack Beach Towel Rack 450 No
Triple Innertube Triple Innertube 600 No
Water Basketball Hoop Water Basketball Hoop 650 Yes
Lifeguard Tower Lifeguard Tower 550 No
Sand Lamp Sand Lamp 500 Yes
Sand-Castle-Wall Wall Shop Sandcastle Wall 450 Yes
Sand Table Sand Table 600 Yes
Sand armoire Sand Armoire 800 Yes
Sand TV Sand TV 850 Yes
Sand Chair Sand Chair 450 Yes
Sand-Toy-Box Shop Sand Toy Box 800 No
Sand oasis Sand Oasis 900 Yes
Sand Couch Sand Couch 700 Yes
Sand Rug 1 Sand Rug 450 No
Animal Jam Sandman SandMan 950 No
Shop Sand-Window Sand Window 500 Yes
Egyptian Sphinx Egyptian Sphinx 600 Yes
Egyptian Throne Egyptian Throne 850 Yes
Sand Pyramids Sand Pyramids 500 Yes
Golden Egyptian Scarab red Golden Egyptian Scarab 450 No
Egyptian Sarcophagus Egyptian Sarcophagus 600 Yes
Egyptian Pillow Egyptian Pillow 350 No
Egyptian Puzzle Box Egyptian Puzzle Box 450 Yes
Egyptian Cat Egyptian Cat 450 No
Pyramid Table gold cyan Pyramid Table 500 Yes
Papyrus Scrolls Papyrus Scrolls 400 No
Egyptian Couch Egyptian Couch 550 Yes
Egyptian Rug Egyptian Rug 400 No
Rainbow Tapestry red Rainbow Tapestry 500 No
Daffodil Stool yellow Daffodil Stool 400 Yes
Tiki Umbrella Table wood Tiki Umbrella Table 550 Yes
Tiki Chair bamboo front Tiki Chair 350 No
Tiki Lawn Chair 1 Tiki Lawn Chair 400 Yes
Tall Tiki Table Wood Tall Tiki Table 400 No
Daisy Table white Daisy Table 600 Yes
Sandbox AJ Sandbox 400 Yes
Octopus Rug 1 Octopus Rug 650 Yes
Phantom kraken rug Phantom Kraken Rug 450 Yes
Pirate ship in a bottle Pirate Ship In A Bottle 750 Yes
Spyglass Spyglass 600 No
Pirate ship couch Pirate Ship Couch 800 Yes
Octopus-Table Octopus Table 800 Yes
Crows nest table Crow's Nest Table 550 Yes
Sun stained glass 01 Sun Stained Glass 750 Yes
Forest stained glass Forest Stained Glass 750 Yes
Hay bale chair 1 Hay Bale Chair 400 Yes
Hay bale couch 1 Hay Bale Couch 600 Yes
Mushroom Chair orange Mushroom Chair 250 Yes
Mushroom Table orange Mushroom Table 450 Yes
Blue Origami Window Origami Window 450 Yes
Origami rug Origami Rug 400 No
Hanging origami lamp Hanging Origami Lamp 550 Yes
Origami Table 1 Origami Table 600 Yes
Origami lamp Origami Lamp 350 Yes
Origami chair Origami Chair 400 Yes
Origami Couch Origami Couch 500 Yes
TulipStonePathway Tulip Stone Pathway 550 Yes
Pitch Fork Pitch Fork 200 Yes
Trough Trough 400 Yes
Hay Bale Hay Bale 200 Yes
Rope Brown Rope 175 Yes
Sunflower Lamp 1 Sunflower Lamp 350 Yes
Pinwheel 1 Pinwheel 250 Yes
Mossyruins Mossy Ruins 650 Yes
Mossy Fountain Mossy Fountain 700 Yes
Mossy Zios Statue 1 Mossy Zios Statue 650 Yes
Mossy Stone Pathway 1 Mossy Stone Pathway 500 No
Mossy Stone Bench Mossy Stone Bench 550 Yes
Mossystonewall Mossy Wall 450 Yes
Sunflower Rug yellow Sunflower Rug 550 Yes
Vine Rug Pink Vine Rug 350 Yes
Vine Flower Lamp white Vine Flower Lamp 375 Yes
Tall Grass Tall Grass 350 No
Flower Welcome Mat Flower Welcome Mat 500 No
Starfishwindow Starfish Window 450 Yes
Strand Of Seashells Strand Of Seashells 450 No
Aquariumwindow Aquarium Window 450 Yes
Aquariumfloor Aquarium Floor 750 Yes
Sea Urchin Lamp Sea Urchin Lamp 400 Yes
Starfish Rug 1 Starfish Rug 350 No
Vine Lamppost green Vine Lamppost 400 Yes
Bicycle Bicycle 400 No
Inline Skates blue Inline Skates 350 No
Scented Candle flower Scented Candle 350 Yes
Sun Window yellow Sun Window 450 Yes
MechFountain 1 Mechanical Fountain 600 Yes
Mechanical Wall Crest pink Mechanical Wall Crest 550 Yes
Mechanical-Wall-Light Pink Shop Mechanical Wall Light 450 Yes
Mech Speaker 1 Mechanical Speaker 500 Yes
Mechanical-Ottoman Pink Shop Mechanical Ottoman 450 No
Fox pic Mechanical Picture 400 Yes
Mech Window 1 Mechanical Window 450 Yes
Mech Lamp 1 Mechanical Lamp 450 Yes
Mechanical Table pink Mechanical Table 500 Yes
Mech pink sofa Mechanical Couch 600 Yes
Mech Dragon Egg 1 Mechanical Dragon Egg 500 No
Mech Dragon 1 Mechanical Dragon 750 Yes
Chest Of Gems 1 Chest Of Gems 600 Yes
Shop Pink-Flamingo Pink Flamingo 350 Yes
Bean Bag Toss Bean Bag Toss 400 Yes
Horseshoe Set 1 Horseshoe Set 250 Yes
Shop Croquet-Set Stand Red-Blue Croquet Set 400 No
Houseplant Houseplant 50 No
Rug Item Rug 50 No
Small Window Item Small Window 50 No
Lamp Item Lamp 50 No
Chair Item Chair 50 No
Table Item Table 50 No
Couch Item Couch 50 No
Welcome Mat 1 Welcome Mat 75 No
Stitched rug Stitched Rug 350 No
Striped Couch (Blue) Striped Couch 200 No
Koipond2 Koi Pond 400 Yes
Bookshelf purple Bookshelf 250 No
Shop Wood-Arch-Den-Portal Orange Wood Arch Den Portal 1,000 Yes
Shop Wood-Wall-Den-Portal Green Wood Wall Den Portal 1,000 Yes
Shop Wood-Floor-Den-Portal Green Wood Floor Den Portal 1,000 Yes
Jamaa Neon Sign "Jamaa" Neon Sign 450 Yes
Recycling Can Recycling Can 300 No
Tablet Computer 1 Tablet Computer 900 Yes
Fancy Bouquet Fancy Bouquet 400 Yes
Fancy Tall Candelabra Fancy Tall Candelabra 400 Yes
Fantasy 1 Fantasy Banner 350 No
Fancy Fireplace Fancy Fireplace 650 Yes
Curved Sofa purple Curved Sofa 450 Yes
Cleverclaw's Dresser brown Cleverclaw's Dresser 500 No
Pink Sofa 1 Pink Sofa 300 Yes
HD Television Default HD Television 500 Yes
Ant Farm green Ant Farm 400 Yes
Purple Laptop Laptop 400 Yes
Mat 1 Mat 75 No
Pillow pink Pillow 75 No
Map09939 Map 45 Yes
Tea Party Table brown Tea Party Table 150 Yes
Bean bag chair aj Bean Bag Chair 200 Yes
Tiki Torch Tiki Torch 200 No
Shop Pink-Lamp Pink Pink Lamp 50 Yes
Fish Bowl 1 Fish Bowl 400 Yes
Window 451 Window 150 Yes
Shop Sturdy-Table Sturdy Table 75 No
Shop Blue-Rug Blue Rug 80 No
Dust Striped Walls Dust Striped Walls 400 Yes
Pink Arglye Walls Pink Argyle Walls 450 Yes
Pink Striped Walls Pink Striped Walls 400 Yes
Starry Walls Starry Walls 500 Yes
Blue Star Walls Blue Star Walls 450 Yes
Blue Sky Blue Sky 400 No
Rainbow Pink Rainbow Pink 450 Yes
Green Slime Wall Green Slime Wall 500 Yes
BrownTile Brown Tile 400 Yes
Shop Yellow-Diner-Tiles Yellow Diner Tiles 450 Yes
Lava Floor Lava Floor 400 Yes
Slate Floor Slate Floor 500 Yes
Grass Carpet In Shops Grass Carpet 500 Yes

Limited Time

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Den Items Gems Members-Only? Time Expired
Modern Glass Shelves white Modern Glass Shelves 450 Yes July 25, 2018
Glass Shelves Glass Shelves 350 Yes July 23, 2018


  • The clothing counterpart to this store is Jam Mart Clothing.
  • Rarely, when a Jammer buys an item, the color may change or be different than what the Jammer chose.


  • Occasionally, a glitch occurs where every item costs 999,999,999 Gems, is labeled 'RARE,' and has an Arctic Wolf logo. If the Jammer tries to buy something, it says "Oops! You have: 10,000,000 Gems, item costs: 10,000,000 Gems, you need: 10,000,000 Gems." The Jammer often cannot exit out until the effect wears off by repeatedly clicking through each page or by logging out and back in.
  • There is a glitch where an item may change color in the item selection screen.


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