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Jam Mart Furniture is a shop that sells various den items. It was one of the first stores introduced during the Beta Testing. It can be found in the top-right of Jamaa Township, inside a building surrounded by bamboo, or by clicking on the shop button while editing a land den. Most items for dens are sold here.


This shop building has long wooden planks for its flooring, teal-painted walls, and a vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden framing. The shop area is decorated with a variety of tables, couches, and shelves. Many of the items scattered around the shop as decorations are no longer sold, such as the Mira Statue, Tall Cactus, and Bird Feeder. Some of the other decorations are still sold but in other stores such as the Fire Pot, Speakers, and Telescope. The shop also features retro-like music, identical to the music in Jam Mart Clothing and the Friendship Party.


Available Items

List of Available Den Items
Den Items Gems Members-Only?
Vanity And Mirror Vanity And Mirror 250 Yes
Football Football 250 No
Goalpost Goalpost 500 Yes
FramedMedals Red(1) Framed Medals 700 No
Track hurdle 6 Track Hurdle 300 No
AJHS 1 Hockey Sticks 400 Yes
Hockeyskates Hockey Skates 400 Yes
AwardPodium Award Podium 900 Yes
JMT 1 Mushroom Table 450 Yes
JMC 1 Mushroom Chair 250 Yes
Maple leaf stepping stones1 Maple Leaf Stepping Stones 450 Yes
Produce display Produce Display 750 Yes
Checkout counter 2 Checkout Counter 900 Yes
Grocery display 01 Grocery Display 500 Yes
Storefront display Storefront Display 600 Yes
Glass storefront 01 Glass Storefront 450 Yes
Grocery bags Grocery Bags 300 Yes
Shop Mailbox-Brown Mailbox 350 No
Shop Fridge Fridge 500 Yes
Shop Box-Lamp Brown Box Lamp 350 Yes
Sun stained glass 01 Sun Stained Glass 750 Yes
Mop and bucket main Mop And Bucket 350 No
Shoe stand Shoe Stand 450 Yes
Stitched rug Stitched Rug 350 No
Jamaa Neon Sign "Jamaa" Neon Sign 450 Yes
Recycling Can Recycling Can 300 No
Tablet Computer 1 Tablet Computer 900 Yes
CS 1 Curved Sofa 450 Yes
Clever 1 Cleverclaw's Dresser 500 Yes
Welcome Mat 1 Welcome Mat 75 No
HD Television Default HD Television 500 Yes
Pink Sofa 1 Pink Sofa 300 Yes
Bean bag chair aj Bean Bag Chair 250 Yes
Striped Couch (Blue) Striped Couch 200 No
Cool Banner Cool Banner 25 Yes
Shop Pink-Lamp Pink Pink Lamp 50 Yes
Bowl 1 Fish Bowl 400 Yes
Window 451 Window 150 Yes
Booky 1 Bookshelf 250 No
Purple Laptop Laptop 400 Yes
Mat 1 Mat 75 No
P 1 Pillow 75 No
Map09939 Map 45 Yes
Hay bale chair 1 Hay Bale Chair 400 Yes
Hay bale couch 1 Hay Bale Couch 600 Yes
Blue Origami Window Origami Window 450 Yes
Origami rug Origami Rug 400 No
Hanging origami lamp Hanging Origami Lamp 550 Yes
Origami Table 1 Origami Table 600 Yes
Origami chair Origami Chair 400 Yes
Origami Couch Origami Couch 500 Yes
Phantom kraken rug Phantom Kraken Rug 450 Yes
Pirate ship in a bottle Pirate Ship In A Bottle 750 Yes
Spyglass Spyglass 600 No
Pirate ship couch Pirate Ship Couch 800 Yes
Crows nest table Crow's Nest Table 550 Yes
Harp Harp 800 Yes
Cafe menu board Cafe Menu Board 600 Yes
Cafe hostess stand Cafe Hostess Stand 500 Yes
Cafe neon sign Cafe Neon Sign 700 Yes
Cafe pie display Cafe Pie Display 1,000 Yes
Cafe smoothie machine Cafe Smoothie Machine 950 Yes
Cafe Prep Counter - Red (1) Cafe Prep Counter 550 Yes
Cata1 Cafe Table 350 Yes
Cafe jukebox Cafe Jukebox 450 Yes
Cafe counter Cafe Counter 750 Yes
Cafe booth Cafe Booth 400 Yes
Wavy table Wavy Table 450 Yes
DS 1 Diner Stool 250 No
Forest stained glass Forest Stained Glass 750 Yes
Moon stained glass Moon Stained Glass 750 Yes
Sr1 Sunflower Rug 550 Yes
Ds1 Daffodil Stool 400 Yes
Dt1 Daisy Table 400 Yes
StLa01 Star Lamp 400 Yes
SuLa01 Sun Lamp 400 Yes
MoLa01 Moon Lamp 400 Yes
Ladybug stool Ladybug Stool 650 Yes
Eagle window Eagle Window 500 Yes
ButterflyTable Orange(1) Butterfly Table 700 Yes
Octopus Rug 1 Octopus Rug 650 Yes
TigerPawChair1 Tiger Paw Chair 700 Yes
Ot Octopus Table 800 Yes
Koipond2 Koi Pond 400 Yes
AF01 Ant Farm 400 Yes
Pixelated lawn torch Pixelated Lawn Torch 300 Yes
Pixelated pathway Pixelated Pathway 550 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Fence Pixelated Fence 450 No
Shop Pixelated-Bookshelf Pixelated Bookshelf 500 Yes
PixelatedHDTV Brown(1) Pixelated HDTV 800 Yes
Shop Pixelated-House-Plant Green Pixelated House Plant 400 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Bush Green Pixelated Bush 350 No
Shop Pixelated-Tree Green Pixelated Tree 600 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Rug Brown Pixelated Rug 400 No
Shop Pixelated-Writing-Desk Brown Pixelated Writing Desk 450 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Window Brown Pixelated Window 350 Yes
Shop Pixelated-Armoire Brown Pixelated Armoire 650 Yes
Pixelated couch1 Pixelated Couch 700 Yes
Pixelated Table 1 Pixelated Table 600 Yes
Pixelated Chair front Pixelated Chair 550 Yes
PigTable Pink(1) Pig Table 550 Yes
PigBalloons Pink(1) Pig Balloons 500 No
PigTV Pink(1) Pig TV 650 Yes
PigPool Pink(1) Pig Pool 750 Yes
PigLamp Pink(1) Pig Lamp 450 Yes
PigRug Pink(1) Pig Rug 300 Yes
PigBookcasePink Pig Bookcase 550 Yes
PigletFencePink Pigget Fence 400 No
Shop Pig-Ottoman Pink Pig Ottoman 350 Yes
Shop Pig-Sofa Pink Pig Sofa 600 Yes
Shop Wood-Arch-Den-Portal Orange Wood Arch Den Portal 1,000 Yes
Shop Wood-Wall-Den-Portal Purple Wood Wall Den Portal 1,000 Yes
Shop Wood-Floor-Den-Portal Green Wood Floor Den Portal 1,000 Yes
Fancy Bouquet Fancy Bouquet 400 Yes
Fancy Tall Candelabra Fancy Tall Candelabra 400 Yes
Fancy Fireplace Fancy Fireplace 650 Yes
Shop Giant-Crystal Purple Giant Crystal 600 Yes
TPT 1 Tea Party Table 150 Yes
Tiki Torch Tiki Torch 200 No
Pink Lamp 150 Yes
Fish Bowl 400 Yes
Window 150 Yes
Sturdy Table 75 No
Blue Rug 80 No
Test342 Dust Striped Walls 400 Yes
Pink Arglye Walls Pink Argyle Walls 450 Yes
Pink Striped Walls Pink Striped Walls 400 Yes
Starry Walls Starry Walls 500 Yes
Blue Star Walls Blue Star Walls 450 Yes
Blue Sky Blue Sky 400 No
Rainbow Pink Rainbow Pink 350 Yes
Green Slime Wall Green Slime Wall 500 Yes
BrownTile Brown Tile 400 Yes
Shop Yellow-Diner-Tiles Yellow Diner Tiles 450 Yes
Lava Floor Lava Floor 400 Yes
Slate Floor Slate Floor 500 Yes
Grass Carpet In Shops Grass Carpet 500 Yes

Formerly Sold Items

Some of the items will be release in different time, and most will be release during seasonal events.

Formerly Sold Den Items
Den Items Gems Members-Only?
Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper 450 Yes
Poinsettia Poinsettia 400 No
Cupcake Pet House Cupcake Pet House 650 Yes
Frosting Icicles Frosting Icicles 125 Yes
Jamaaliday-Jam Toy-Racetrack Toy Racetrack 450 Yes
Pet Sled Pet Sled 400 No
Ornament Light Strand 1 Ornament Light Strand 400 Yes
Inflatable Jamaaliday Tree Selected Inflatable Jamaaliday Tree 500 Yes
CandyCaneCandles1 Candy Cane Lights 350 Yes
Ggp Giant Gift Pile 550 No
Giant Ornament in the store Giant Ornament 550 No
Shop Snowflake-Decorations Snowflake Decorations 350 No
Shop Candy-Cane-Lights Candy Cane Lights 300 No
Shop Gingerbread-Streamer Gingerbread Streamer 400 No
Gift Pile Gift Pile 150 Yes
Jamaaliday Bird Feeder main Jamaaliday Bird Feeder 400 Yes
Shop Round-Ornament Zigzag-Yellow Round Ornament 100 Yes
Jamaaliday wreath clock1 Jamaaliday Wreath Clock 550 Yes
Holly streamer Holly Streamer 450 Yes
Jamaaliday sconce1 Jamaaliday Sconce 500 Yes
Epic Jamaaliday Tree Epic Jamaaliday Tree 600 Yes
Jamaaliday Light Strands main Jamaaliday Light Strands 350 No
Popcornaj1 Popcorn Strand 400 No
Spiral Ornament main Spiral Ornament 350 No
Paw Ornament main Paw Ornament 350 No
Jamaaliday Street Lantern main Jamaaliday Street Lantern 400 Yes
Winter Fire Pit main Winter Fire Pit 550 Yes
Winter Fire Pit Table Winter Fire Pit Table 450 Yes
Winter Log Bench Winter Log Bench 400 Yes
Phantom Snow Tree 2015 Phantom Snow Tree 600 Yes
Winter Mailbox Shops Winter Mailbox 350 No
Mystery Emporium Bag Of Gifts Bag Of Gifts 300 No


  • Rarely, when a Jammer buys an item, the color may change or be different than what the Jammer chose.


  • Occasionally, a glitch occurs where every item costs 999,999,999 Gems, is labeled 'RARE,' and has an Arctic Wolf logo. If the Jammer tries to buy something, it says "Oops! You have: 10,000,000 Gems, item costs: 10,000,000 Gems, you need: 10,000,000 Gems." The Jammer often cannot exit out until the effect wears off by repeatedly clicking through each page or by logging out and back in.
  • There is another glitch where a Jammer may be able to climb up to the roof of the store building of Jam-Mart Furniture in Jamaa Township



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