Jam Mart Clothing is a shop where most of Jamaa's land clothing items are sold, including neck items, rare items, head items, previously released items, beta clothing items, tail items, body items, and footwear. It is located in Jamaa Township, just across from Jam Mart Furniture and above the Sol Arcade. This store can also be accessed merely by clicking the "Shop" button in the Change Your Look Menu.


The outside of the shop has a castle-like appearance with two stone-covered towers on either side of the entrance and battlement-like notches along the roof's edge. The towers have teal, cone-shaped spires topping them with a flag that waves in the wind at the top of one tower. Just above the doorway is a large, framed picture of a shirt with a "sale" sign below it. Downwards towards the sale sign appears to display a Cat Hat, a Police Hat, and a Top Hat. Towards the back of the building, there is a sloped and another stone tower that is also topped with a waving flag. The entire building seems to be at least two stories tall.

Inside the shop is a raised walkway that extends out with stairs along the wall that lead down to the main floor. The main floor has several large rugs and three round tables with various clothing items placed for display. There is also a purple question mark for suggesting new types of clothing to Animal Jam Headquarters. Along the back wall are several strips of cloth hanging from hooks. The left side of the store has a recycling machine and two shelves that display an assortment of items.



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Clothing Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
Leaf patteRn skirt Leaf Pattern Skirt 3Body 450 Yes
Screenshot (36152) Fall Mohawk 1Head 850 Yes
Striped Double Bow Tie 1 Striped Double Bow Tie 2Neck 650 Yes
Autumn Grass Claws orange Autumn Grass Claw 4Legs 750 Yes
Bee-Shirt Yellow Shop Bee Shirt 3Body 750 Yes
JMC Racing-Jacket Racing Jacket 3Body 500 No
Blue Pants Pants 4Legs 650 Yes
Galoshes1 Galoshes 4Legs 650 Yes
Acorn hat Acorn Hat 1Head 600 Yes
PBH01 Pillbox Hat 1Head 500 Yes
Unicorn floatie 1 Unicorn Floatie 3Body 900 Yes
Flowered Cape Flowered Cape 3Body 750 Yes
Squid hat 1 Squid Hat 1Head 650 No
Smohawkgreen Summer Mohawk 1Head 850 Yes
Shorts Dark Blue Shorts 4Legs 450 Yes
Fancy vest Fancy Vest 3Body 750 Yes
Graduation gown item picture Graduation Gown 3Body 500 Yes
Gc1 Graduation Cap 1Head 850 Yes
Egyptian Hat yellow Egyptian Hat 1Head 500 Yes
Egyptian Beard purple Egyptian Beard 2Neck 750 Yes
Chickenbeak Chicken Beak 1Head 650 No
Folded wings Folded Wings 3Body 700 Yes
Topaz Anklet Topaz Anklet 4Legs 850 No
Spring Grass Claws Spring Grass Claws 4Legs 700 Yes
Flower tail image Flower Tail 5Tail 800 Yes
Horns Spring Flower Horns 1Head 750 Yes
Egg Shoes 1 Egg Shoes 4Legs 450 Yes
Egg Cloak Egg Cloak 3Body 550 Yes
Garss claws 2 Grass Claws 4Legs 650 Yes
Spring Flower Mohawk 1 Spring Flower Mohawk 1Head 800 Yes
Spiked Mohawk (Alternation) Spiked Mohawk 1Head 400 Yes
SV 1 Sun Visor 1Head 400 Yes
Horned Leg Pads Blue Horned Leg Pads 4Legs 400 No
Shop Horn-Helmet Purple Horn Helmet 1Head 500 Yes
Msh1 Mad Scientist Hair 1Head 750 Yes
Ac1 Arm Cuffs 4Legs 500 Yes
DM 1 Dragon Mask 1Head 250 No
SJ 1 Sports Jersey 3Body 500 Yes
Football 1 Football Helmet 1Head 400 Yes
Shop Snowman-Mask Black Snowman Mask 1Head 250 Yes
Winter Hood Winter Hood 1Head 300 Yes
Winter Jacke Winter Jacket 3Body 300 Yes
Ice Spikes Ice Spikes 1Head 800 Yes
Turkey Tail Feathers 1 Turkey Tail Feathers 5Tail 600 Yes
Lab coat Lab Coat 3Body 600 Yes
Yeti claws Yeti Claws 4Legs 450 Yes
Big hair Big Hair 1Head 550 Yes
Fluffy shoes1 Fluffy Shoes 4Legs 600 Yes
Ballet shoes Ballet Shoes 4Legs 450 Yes
Plaid shirt 01 Plaid Shirt 3Body 500 Yes
Tutu01 Tutu 3Body 350 Yes
Jester hat00 Jester Hat 1Head 250 Yes
French braid French Braid 1Head 350 Yes
Green Floppy Hat Floppy Hat 1Head 450 Yes
Shop Spiked-Hair Pink Spiked Hair 1Head 300 No
Soccar ball mask1 Soccer Ball Mask 1Head 750 Yes
Necklace1 Necklace 2Neck 45 No
Beret pink Beret 1Head 300 Yes
Ch1 Cactus Hat 1Head 650 Yes
Vine Anklet green Vine Anklet 3Body 400 Yes
Samurai 1 Samurai Helmet 1Head 500 Yes
Cheese Hat 1 Cheese Hat 1Head 400 No
Shop Fedora Black Fedora 1Head 500 Yes
Clothesantlers Clothesline Antlers 1Head 900 Yes
EgNeHa01 Bird Nest Hat 1Head 550 Yes
Shop Star-Cape Purple Star Cape 3Body 200 No
FF 1 Flip Flops 4Legs 350 Yes
SS0001 Shutter Shades 1Head 400 Yes
Shop Round-Glasses Red Round Glasses 1Head 300 No
Shop Rainbow-Wristbands Red-Green Rainbow Wristbands 4Legs 600 Yes
Tin Foil Antlers Tin Foil Antlers 1Head 650 Yes
GoatHorns1 Goat Horns 1Head 300 Yes
Infinity Glasses (purple) Infinity Glasses 1Head 800 Yes
Big Hair with Rollers 1 Big Hair with Rollers 1Head 500 Yes
RS01 Ribbon Scarf 2Neck 500 No
Bread Hat 1 Bread Hat 1Head 400 Yes
Topcoat Topcoat 3Body 430 Yes
Shop Woven-Hat Tan Woven Hat 1Head 350 Yes
Fez01 Fez 1Head 450 No
Hula Skirt yellow Hula Skirt 3Body 500 Yes
Cleats 1 Baseball Cleats 4Legs 400 Yes
Baseball-Cap Blue Baseball Cap 1Head 450 Yes
Tie-DyeShirt Magenta(1) Tie-Dye Shirt 3Body 500 Yes
SM00 Steampunk Monocle 1Head 500 Yes
Tiara Tiara 1Head 250 No
Old-Top-Hat Brown Shop Old Top Hat 1Head 700 Yes
Silk Scarf Silk Scarf 2Neck 650 Yes
Shop Rope-Sandals Rope Sandals 4Legs 500 Yes
Charm Bracelet White Charm Bracelet 4Legs 600 Yes
BW01 Butterfly Wings 3Body 150 No
Gardening hat Gardening Hat 1Head 400 Yes
Shop Knight-Armor Knight Armor 3Body 550 Yes
Knight Helmet Default Knight Helmet 1Head 450 No
Aviator 1 Aviator Hat 1Head 350 Yes
Musketeer boots Musketeer Boots 4Legs 500 Yes
MH 1 Musketeer Hat 1Head 550 Yes
Eye Patch Eye Patch 1Head 250 Yes
CaHa01 Candle Hat 1Head 400 Yes
Ramhorn1 Ram Horns 1Head 500 Yes
Mammoth Tusks white Mammoth Tusks 2Neck 750 Yes
Shop Camouflage Jacket Green Camouflage Jacket 3Body 450 Yes
WS01 Winged Shoes 4Legs 500 Yes
Friendship Bracelet (Sky-Blue, Coloration Variation 01) Friendship Bracelet 4Legs 450 No
AJ Wristband AJ Wristband 4Legs 300 No
Investigatorshat1 Investigator's Hat 1Head 500 Yes
Faerie Wings (Sky-Blue) Faerie Wings 3Body 300 Yes
Shop Moustache Pink Moustache 2Neck 450 Yes
Shop Mohawk Black Mohawk 1Head 300 Yes
Green lei Lei 2Neck 150 No
Shop Head-Flower Yellow Head Flower 1Head 350 No
Princess necklace00 Princess Necklace 2Neck 80 Yes
Shop Homemade-Wings Green Homemade Wings 3Body 250 Yes
Afireman Firefighter Hat 1Head 300 Yes
Shop King's-Crown Red King's Crown 1Head 350 Yes
Epic Dragon Mask (Leaf-Green) Epic Dragon Mask 1Head 350 Yes
Shop Flower-Bracelet Purple Flower Bracelet 4Legs 100 Yes
Tieblue Tie 2Neck 100 No
Sword 2 Sword 3Body 150 Yes
Wings 1 Wings 3Body 250 Yes


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Clothing Items Type? Gems Members-Only? Time Expired


  • The only tail item it has sold as of current is the Bone Tail, the Flower Tail and the Turkey Tail Feathers.
  • This shop has much more frequent item releases than the other clothing shops like Epic Wonders or the Shiveer Shoppe.
  • This shop is where many of the rare items are sold on Rare Item Monday, but occasionally they are sold in the various shops around Jamaa instead.
  • This shop was simply called "Jam-Mart" during the early stages of Beta Testing.
  • The layout of the shop was reversed during much of Beta Testing, but it was flipped horizontally towards the end of Beta Testing.
  • There is a Mira Statue on display with a "sale" sign in front of it even though it is a den item.
  • Most items displayed outside the shop aren't available in-store.


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