This article is about the shop. For the building that houses the shop, see Jam Mart Clothing (Place).

Jam Mart Clothing is a shop that sells land clothing items. It was released during the Beta Testing and is the main shop to purchase basic clothing items as well as occasional seasonal ones.


This shop consists of a group of three tables that exhibit an assortment of clothing items. On the left-most table, there are three pieces of armor; on the middle table, there is a red "sale" sign, and exhibited are bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry; on the right-most table, there is a helmet, a top hat, and a skull.



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Clothing Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
Scary Eyeball Mask 1Head 850 Yes
Mummy Mask 1Head 250 Yes
Skeleton Suit 3Body 1,500 Yes
Bat Amulet 2Neck 750 No
Gnome Hat And Beard 1Head 550 Yes
Bat Zombie Mask 1Head 600 Yes
Hero Mask 1Head 500 Yes
Phantom Bracelet 4Legs 450 Yes
Eyeball Antenna 1Head 500 Yes
Monstrous Hair 1Head 550 Yes
Fang Necklace 2Neck 400 Yes
Pumpkin Shoes 4Legs 450 No
Ibex Horns 1Head 500 Yes
Big Skull 1Head 400 Yes
Lampshade Hat 1Head 500 Yes
Big Hair 1Head 550 Yes
Autumn Grass Claw 4Legs 750 Yes
Fall Mohawk 1Head 850 Yes
Maple Leaf Skirt 3Body 550 Yes
Maple Leaf Glasses 1Head 500 Yes
Acorn Hat 1Head 600 Yes
Jester Hat 1Head 250 Yes
Plaid Shirt 3Body 500 Yes
Ballet Shoes 4Legs 450 Yes
Cheese Hat 1Head 400 No
Shorts 3Body 450 Yes
Paperclip Bracelet 4Legs 600 No
Paperclip Necklace 2Neck 700 Yes
Paperclip Earrings 1Head 550 Yes
Backpack 3Body 400 No
Galoshes 4Legs 650 Yes
Fancy Vest 3Body 750 Yes
Smiley Glasses 1Head 550 Yes
High Heels 4Legs 500 Yes
Unicorn Floatie 3Body 900 Yes
Pirate Beard 2Neck 150 Yes
Sunshine galoshes Sunshine Galoshes 4Legs 600 Yes
Green Floppy Hat Floppy Hat 1Head 450 Yes
Frog hat Frog Hat 1Head 650 Yes
French braid French Braid 1Head 350 Yes
Wristwatch brown Wristwatch 4Legs 450 Yes
Cool Hair 1 Cool Hair 1Head 150 Yes
Seashell Bracelet 01 Seashell Bracelet 4Legs 450 No
Turtle shells Turtle Shell 3Body 600 Yes
Bright idea hat Bright Idea Hat 1Head 750 Yes
Yak horns epic wonders Yak Horns 1Head 900 Yes
Vine Anklet green Vine Anklet 4Legs 400 Yes
Flip Flops blue Flip Flops 4Legs 350 Yes
Infinity Glasses (purple) Infinity Glasses 1Head 800 Yes
Tie-DyeShirt Magenta(1) Tie-Dye Shirt 3Body 500 Yes
Egyptian Hat yellow Egyptian Hat 1Head 500 Yes
EW Egyptian Beard Egyptian Beard 2Neck 750 Yes
Pirate Hat (Dark-Brown) Pirate Hat 1Head 250 Yes
Shop Rope-Sandals Rope Sandals 4Legs 500 Yes
Flapper Hat maroon Flapper Hat 1Head 600 Yes
Lasso 1 Lasso 3Body 350 Yes
Pearl Bracelet Default Pearl Bracelet 4Legs 550 Yes
Binoculars pink Binoculars 2Neck 500 No
Antlers Antlers 1Head 250 Yes
Woven Shoes green Woven Shoes 4Legs 400 No
Ten Gallon Hat brown Ten Gallon Hat 1Head 450 Yes
Shop Gazelle Horns Gazelle Horns 1Head 250 Yes
Chef's Hat white Chef's Hat 1Head 500 Yes
Flag00 Flag 3Body 300 Yes
Fancy Shoes (Black) Fancy Shoes 4Legs 650 Yes
Shop Square-Glasses Blue Square Glasses 1Head 350 Yes
Shop Leaf-Necklace Green Leaf Necklace 2Neck 250 Yes
Shop Leg-Armor Green Leg Armor 4Legs 80 Yes
High Top Sneakers black1 High Top Sneakers 4Legs 400 Yes
Shop Safari-Boots Brown Safari Boots 4Legs 600 Yes
Safari Hat brown Safari Hat 1Head 600 Yes
JMC Sports Jersey teal Sports Jersey 3Body 500 Yes
Football 1 Football Helmet 1Head 450 Yes
Butterflyhairbow0 Butterfly Hair Bow 1Head 500 No
Feather Earrings Feather Earrings 1Head 500 Yes
Striped Double Bow Tie 1 Striped Double Bow Tie 2Neck 650 Yes
JMC Racing-Jacket Racing Jacket 3Body 500 No
Pants Pants 4Legs 650 Yes
Pillbox Hat pink Pillbox Hat 1Head 500 Yes
Squid hat 1 Squid Hat 1Head 650 No
Dragon Mask green Dragon Mask 1Head 250 No
Shop Spiked-Hair Pink Spiked Hair 1Head 300 No
Necklace1 Necklace 2Neck 45 No
Shop Star-Cape Purple Star Cape 3Body 200 No
Shutter Shades black Shutter Shades 1Head 400 Yes
Shop Round-Glasses Red Round Glasses 1Head 300 No
Shop Rainbow-Wristbands Red-Green Rainbow Wristbands 4Legs 600 Yes
GoatHorns1 Goat Horns 1Head 300 Yes
Big Hair with Rollers 1 Big Hair with Rollers 1Head 500 Yes
Ribbon Scarf red Ribbon Scarf 2Neck 500 No
Topcoatt Topcoat 3Body 450 Yes
Hula Skirt yellow Hula Skirt 3Body 500 Yes
Cleats 1 Baseball Cleats 4Legs 400 Yes
Steampunk Monocle tan Steampunk Monocle 1Head 500 Yes
Silk Scarf Silk Scarf 2Neck 650 Yes
Charmbracelet Charm Bracelet 4Legs 600 Yes
Butterfly Wings purple Butterfly Wings 3Body 150 No
Shop Knight-Armor Knight Armor 3Body 550 Yes
Ramhorn1 Ram Horns 1Head 500 Yes
Mammoth Tusks white Mammoth Tusks 2Neck 750 Yes
Winged Shoes red Winged Shoes 4Legs 500 Yes
Friendshipbracelet Friendship Bracelet 4Legs 450 No
AJ Wristband (1) AJ Wristband 4Legs 300 No
Faeriewings Faerie Wings 3Body 300 Yes
Shop Moustache Pink Moustache 2Neck 450 Yes
Shop Mohawk Black Mohawk 1Head 300 Yes
Green lei Lei 2Neck 150 No
Shop Head-Flower Yellow Head Flower 1Head 350 No
Princess necklace00 Princess Necklace 2Neck 80 Yes
Shop Homemade-Wings Green Homemade Wings 3Body 250 Yes
Shop Flower-Bracelet Purple Flower Bracelet 4Legs 100 Yes
Tieblue Tie 2Neck 100 No
Sword 2 Sword 3Body 150 Yes
Wings 1 Wings 3Body 250 Yes


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