A blank player card indicating inactivity.

Inactivity occurs when a Jammer has not been on Animal Jam for a set period of time.

Short-Term Inactivity

Auto Log-Out

After six and a half minutes of not interacting with the game at all, a pop-up will appear asking if the Jammer is still there. After thirty seconds without clicking the OK button, another pop-up appears saying they have been logged out. Clicking the OK button will return the Jammer to the main 'Play Now' screen.

Long-Term Inactivity

Daily Spin

When a Jammer is not active for one or more days, their Daily Spin bonus is reset. This makes it so they get the regular amount of Gems, Diamonds or rare prizes without any multiplier.

Buddy List Timeout

When a Jammer has been inactive for 30+ days, one of their buddies hovering their mouse over the Jammer's name in their buddy list sees the notice "More than 30 Days." The buddy list timer also counts below 30 days. There is a glitch that the buddy list says "More than 30 Days" but they haven't been inactive for that long.

Gray Player Card

Finally, when a Jammer has been inactive for 170 days or more, their player card will turn gray. It will not show their animal, just the dark gray silhouette of a sitting tiger. Players will not be able to interact with them at this stage. Their den becomes locked, they cannot receive Jam-A-Grams, and the Jammer Wall button is constantly loading. If a player is buddies with them, they are still able to be unbuddied.


  • Inactivity can also be caused by a ban or by Animal Jam's servers going down.
  • Inactivity can also cause a ban if the account is untouched for a long enough period of time.
  • A gray card is not permanent; if the Jammer logs on, as they are able to, it goes back to normal.
  • Sometimes, the pop-up informing the Jammer that they have been logged out can glitch and appear even if the player is interacting.
    • There is a related glitch where the player's activity while viewing a shop window, such as clicking through the different pages and the different colors of items, will not be counted as actual activity and they will receive the inactivity pop-up after five minutes of viewing the shop window.
  • The pop-up informing the Jammer that they have been logged out will also appear if the player loses the connection to the server.
  • Sometimes the auto logout popup never appears and the player can remain logged into the game without any activity for extended periods of time.
  • Another possible cause of a gray card is the username is being used in Animal Jam Play Wild and not the online version.