Adventure In-Too-Deep

In Too Deep is an Adventure that was added on July 10, 2014. Hard mode of In Too Deep was released at a later date, July 23, 2014. This was formerly the tenth adventure made for members while being the second Adventure available for aquatic animals. On January 18, 2018, this adventure became available for all Jammers.


  1. The player starts in an ocean with Liza on a rock above them. She asks the player to find the secret entrance to the Phantom Factory, which the Phantoms are using to pollute the ocean.
  2. After entering the secret pipe, the player must explore the darkness. Swimming up to anglerfish and coral will illuminate the surrounding areas.
  3. The player must explore to the right beyond the whale until they reach the phantom blockage. A whirlpearl can be placed on the blockage to explode and clear it.
  4. Once the blockage has been cleared, the player must defeat a swarm of phantoms that spawn from phantom pipes.
  5. The last phantom will drop a "valve" that must be placed at the pipe spewing green slime. The pipe can be sealed by swirling above its handle until the slime is cleared.
  6. After clearing the slime, the player must go down to find four sharks trapped in Phantom Bubbles. The keys to release these sharks are hidden in the current maze to the right. In hard mode, some of the keys are dropped by the phantoms guarding the maze.
  7. Once all four of the sharks have been released, they will start to swirl above a Phantom Hatch. The player must swirl with these sharks in order to open the hatch and continue into the phantom factory.
  8. Inside the phantom factory is a long path of pipes with three Phantom Machines that must be destroyed along the way. These can be destroyed by swirling above the valve to show the machine's weakness and then clicking the red button or using whirlpearls to defeat it.
  9. Just before reaching the exit of the phantom factory, Tavie, the dolphin alpha, will speak to the player through a phantom pipe and explain that she has been captured by the phantoms. She then asks the player to find the other Alphas.
  10. Finally, the player must exit the Phantom Factory to return to Liza and complete the adventure.


Normal Mode

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Treasure Chests Items
Bioluminescent-Coral Prize Top Left Bioluminescent Coral
Phantom-factory-pipe Top Middle Phantom Factory Pipe
Bioluminescent-Coral-Shelf Prize Top Right Bioluminescent Coral Shelf
Whirlpearl-Clam Prize Bottom Right Whirlpearl Clam
Gems Bottom Left 1000 Gems

Hard Mode

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Treasure Chests Items
Phantom-Factory-Module Prize Top Left Phantom Factory Module
ITDGears Top Middle Phantom Factory Gears
Phantom-Factory-Meters Prize Top Right Phantom Factory Meters
Phantom-Factory-Motor Prize Bottom Left Phantom Factory Motor
Phantom-Factory-Button Prize Bottom Right Phantom Factory Button

Sharks Only Passage

The Sharks Only Passage can be accessed by going down of the area that was cleared by whirlpearls (during the events of finding keys to free Duke, Maverick, Gloria, and Frenzy). As its name suggests, only Sharks may take this route.

A list of items available to be won can be found below:

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Octopuses Only Passage

The Octopuses Only Passage can be found just beyond the Sharks Only Passage when playing hard mode. However, this passage cannot be reached for some unknown reason. If it were accessible, it would only be unlocked by an Octopus.

Dolphins Only Passage

This Dolphins Only Passage can be found right after the Octopuses Only Passage playing hard mode. If it were accessible, it would only be unlocked by a Dolphin.

Sea Turtles Only Passage

This Sea Turtles Only Passage can be found just beyond the Octopuses Only Passage when playing hard mode. If it were accessible, it would only be unlocked by a Sea Turtle.


  • It introduced whirlpearls, the underwater version of boomseeds. When placed on phantoms they blow up just like boomseeds.
  • In hard mode, there are 4 gates. Shark, Octopus, Dolphin and Sea Turtle gates. Just beyond the Sea Turtle gate, there is a sea current that is loaded with Gems and will push the player to the second Phantom Machine.
  • The Sea Turtles Only Passage prize can be won without unlocking the gate by manually swimming backward through the one-way current after the first Phantom Machine.


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