This article is about the body armor piece. For the full armor set, see Ice Armor Set.

Not to be confused with the Arctic Armor.

The Ice Armor is a members-only land clothing item that is worn on the back. It was first released as part of the Ice Armor Set, a gift obtained by redeeming a membership gift card from November 2013 until January 2014. It was later added to the Diamond Shop on January 9, 2014. It was put on clearance and removed in March 2017, and was re-released in December 2017 as a membership promo.


This appears to be a chest plate armor with a set of wings sticking out the back. The entire armor is a light-blue, icy color and when worn it is animated with white sparkles and periodic shining. This item has only one variety.


  • It was set for clearance during April 2016, but the clearance tag was later removed after an update.

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