Submit A Howl

The pop-up to submit a howl

Howls are short messages that appear on the bottom of the Jammer Central window. The messages scroll across like a news ticker and include a Jammer's animal name followed by the quoted submission. The first time a Jammer submits an approved howl, they will receive a Howl Plaque. However, howls have been discontinued, and the plaque is no longer available.

Submit a Howl

Jammers can only submit a howl by going to Jamaa Township and clicking on the Jammer Central board in the center of the town. At the bottom-left of the Jammer Central screen is a button that says "Submit A Howl"; when clicked, this opens a pop-up that allows the player to enter a text message with a maximum length of 50 characters. After clicking "Submit", a player's howl will be reviewed and, if approved, will appear along with the other scrolling messages for other Jammers to see.


  • The Howl Plaque is received via Jam-A-Grams from AJHQ for Jammers with a Membership, while non-members receive it as a promo-gift when they log in.