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The Horse is a members-only land animal that was released on January 5, 2012. They have their own party that only they could attend called the Horses Only Party and they are the only animals that can take part in the Jamaa Derby minigame.

Default Appearance

Horses have thick, slender, white fur and a silky silver-gray mane/tail. Although they can be customized, the default horse has round brown eyes, silver hooves, thin, swirly pale grey nostrils, and the inside of their ears are light orange.


Acts Description
Sits on its bottom with its legs spread out.
Dances the stereotypical "Irish jig," splits their legs after they jump, and spins around.
Sleeps on its stomach, its four legs spread out and its mouth open as it snores.
Jumps and kicks while going around in circles.
Hops up and down, while its legs spread forward when mid-air.


  • Its :play: action is a reference to the sport Bucking Bronco.
  • There is a horses-only passageway in the Adventure, The Hive.
  • They have their own Plushie Claw Machine, The Horse Claw.
  • Horses, with the addition of tigers, are the only land animals to have tiger stripes as a pattern option; presumably the option is available to horses so that players can customize their horse to look like a zebra.
  • The Horse on the Choose an Animal page was given a clearance sign in June 2016, indicating that it would no longer be sold after June 24, 2016. However, there was no announcement for this in the Jamaa Journal and it remained available for a longer period before finally being removed later in the year.
  • Horses finally returned on April 27, 2017.
  • The Ol' Barn den was called "the perfect den for the new horses" in Jamaa Journal Volume 52, which was released just two weeks after horses were introduced to Jamaa.
  • The Horse is part of the small group of domesticated animals in Jamaa, which also include the Pig, Sheep, Goat, and Llama.
  • The Horse is the only animal that has a different picture than icon when making a new animal.
  • When they were first released, they were brown with blue eyes.


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