Not to be confused with the Spooky Party.

The Haunted Forest Party is a haunted-themed party that is available to everyone. It was first introduced on October 11, 2012 and it returns during the Night Of The Phantoms celebration every year.


The Haunted Forest Party takes place in a small, dark, spooky forest that is surrounded by many dead trees with glowing faces, patches of fog, and many other spooky themed items. On the right side of the area, there is a record player, a carriage, and a trunk full of items. Off in the distance, a large full moon can be seen just over the horizon. In the background there is also a large phantom factory that partially obscures the moon.


Members and non-members can visit the shops on the right side of the party to buy spooky-themed clothing, music, and furniture. Around the bottom left of the party, Jammers can walk around a spooky tree surrounded by fog that will slowly turn their animal transparent, supposedly your animal turns into a ghost. At the top of the party, the top of the moon can be clicked to unleash a swarm of randomly decorated bats that fly towards the player before vanishing. Also at the top of the party, a small moon can be picked up and carried around by clicking on the bottom portion of the moon in the sky. Similarly, a ghost can be carried around the party by clicking on the spooky tree that is just above the shops on the right side of the party.

Haunted Forest Shop

Den Items

Item Gems Members-Only?
Haunted-Forest-Party Skull-Tombstone Dusty Scattered Books 400 No
Dust scattered books Creepy Bone Candles 450 Yes
Creepy Bone Candles Coffin 550 Yes
Coffin 000 Ghost Tombstone 350 Yes
Ghost Tombstone Spider Tombstone 300 Yes
Spider Tombstone Bat Tombstone 250 Yes
Battombstone001 Skull Tombstone 300 No


Item Type? Gems Members-Only?
Cat Ears 1 Cat Ears Head 450 No
Witch's Gown 1 Witch's Gown Body 850 Yes
Book of Spells 1 Book of Spells Body 650 Yes
Dracula Cape 1 Dracula Cape Body 500 Yes
DeMa01 Demon Mask Head 200 Yes
YeMa01 Yeti Mask Head 250 Yes


Item Gems Members-Only?
Spooky Old Bones1 Spooky Old Bones 100 Yes


  • On its first release in 2012, members could buy Pet Bats from this party, but they were removed from the party starting in 2013, and moved to the Spooky Party.
  • The shop containing the den items in the party was removed on the party's fifth release in 2016.


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