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Haunted Forest Party 3

At the haunted forest party.

The Haunted Forest Party (not to be confused with Spooky Party) is out during the Night Of The Phantoms celebration, or, in other words, Halloween. It has dead trees with glowing faces on them, fog, and many other "spooky" themed things. Members could buy pet Bats here in 2012, but not in 2013. Members and non-members can buy scary clothes and furniture. The party ends at the end of October, near Halloween. 


Items in the Haunted Forest Shop


Item Price Status
Spooky Old Bones 100 Gems Member


Item Price Status
Scary Eyes 350 Gems Member
Scary Fence 150 Gems Member
Spooky Lights 100 Gems Non-Member
Patch Of Fog 300 Gems Member
Ground Web 150 Gems Member
Ceiling Web 150 Gems Member


Item Price Status
Medusa Mask 1,500 Gems Member
Witch Hat 300 Gems Member
Wizard Hat 150 Gems Member
Werewolf Mask 400 Gems Member
Yeti Mask 250 Gems Member
Demon Mask 200 Gems Member

Note: Items may change from year to year, so do not count on these items being here next year.


  • If the player clicks on the moon, bats in different colors come out.
  • If the player steps into the fog and waits for a while, they can become a little invisible/transparent.
  • It has the most expensive item for a party on record: the Medusa Mask, at 1500 Gems. The mask reappears at the New Years Party.
  • There is an April 2012 version called the Spooky Party.

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