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Hatapalooza was an event in January 2013 where Jammers could find three hat caravans, located in Canyons Pathway, Sarepia Forest, and Mt. Shiveer. It brought back hats from previous years, including the Beta Testing period. On every day, except Monday and the first day, a rare hat was for sale. This rare hat was different; it had never been seen in Animal Jam before, and it was not reused from previous years. On July 10, 2014, and then again on May 26, 2016, Hatapalooza returned to Jamaa; however, the hat shops did not return and instead all existing hats in stores were put on sale.


List of Hats
Items Gems Members-Only?
ScBeHa000 Scary Bell Hat 250 Yes
Hat-Shop Top-Hat crop Top Hat 150 Yes
Freedom hat Freedom Hat 150 No
WizHa01 Wizard Hat 250 Yes
Shop Lion-Hat White Lion Hat 400 Yes
Phantom Hat Phantom Hat 250 Yes
EyHa01 Eyeball Hat 250 Yes
Hat-Shop Fancy-Top-Hat Fancy Top Hat 300 No


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