Not to be confused with the Television.

The HD Television is a members-only land den item. It was first released sometime around September 2011 and can be bought at Jam Mart Furniture.


The HD Television consists of a flat-screen television with a speaker on either side. The TV stands on top of a cabinet with a DVD in it. When activated by the player, it will turn on and display an animated National Geographic Kids logo. Activating this a second time displays an animated ocean landscape with a small island, a tree, and fish. Activating the screen for the third time changes the display to an animation of a caterpillar crawling along a tree branch. Activating the TV a fourth time will finally turn the screen back off. This item comes in various colors.


  • The Rare version of this item is the Rare HD Television. This item was released for Rare Item Monday on June 10, 2013, for 1,500 Gems.
  • A Pet version of the Rare HD Television has been released at the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, and it is called the Pet HDTV.
  • When the direction it faces is changed, it will show the images backwards.
  • It can be won as a prize from The Forgotten Desert.