Not to be confused with the Television.

The HD Television is a members-only land den item. It was first released sometime around September 2011 and can be bought at Jam Mart Furniture.


The HD Television consists of a flat-screen television with a speaker on either side. The TV stands on top of a cabinet with a DVD in it. When activated by the player, it will turn on and display an animated National Geographic Kids logo. Activating this a second time displays an animated ocean landscape with a small island, a tree, and fish. Activating the screen for the third time changes the display to an animation of a caterpillar crawling along a tree branch. Activating the TV a fourth time will finally turn the screen back off. This item comes in eleven different color varieties, one of which is a rare variant.


  • The Rare version of this item is the Rare HD Television. This item was released for Rare Item Monday on June 10, 2013, for 1,500 Gems.
  • A Pet version of the Rare HD Television has been released at the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, and it is called the Pet HDTV.
  • When the direction it faces is changed, it will show the images backwards.
  • At some point in early 2018, the first channel was updated from the National Geographic Kids logo to the WildWorks logo. The National Geographic Kids logo is no longer available as a channel. This change was similarly initiated on the other television den items in the game that displayed the National Geographic logo, including the Underwater HDTV, Sand TV, Aquatic Television, Frog TV, Pig TV, Snow TV, Bunny Ear TV, Bubblevision, and Television.
  • It can be won as a prize from The Forgotten Desert.