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278px-Greely Artwork AJDE
Important Information
Name Greely
Alias Wolf Alpha
Gender Male
Species Gray Wolf
Relationships Alphas (team), Wolves (allies), Phantoms (possible enemies or possible allies)

Greely may be the least understood of the Alpha animals protecting Jamaa. Solitary by nature and a master of stealth, Greely spends most of his time alone and far from Jamaa, observing the movements of the Phantoms and sabotaging them from the shadows. His strange ability to move instantaneously between shadows is one of the reasons he makes many animals very nervous; it sometime seems as though he can appear anywhere, anytime. His menacing appearance and grim, humorless personality probably does not help.


Greely is a blue-grey Wolf, with a white underbelly (depends on artwork variants). He has yellow eyes, or reddish-brown in adventures; in his Beta artwork he had white eyes, and a ruby in his left eye. He has white tuffs as eyebrows, and three blue spots under his eyes (thought to be markings). The ruff on the back of his neck/head is very ragged and darker than the rest of his fur. He wears a gold chain (bronze in adventures) around his neck that latches to his cape. His cape/cloak is normally a dark purple color and is worn down with lots of tears in it. He wears four bands on his forepaws, two on each one. He has a leather brace on his tail. All of these descriptions are based on artwork, so it can be different from what is listed here.


He appears upon the Player in The Hive, urging him/her to turn back. The Player come across him again in The Great Escape, revealing the Phantoms' plots and once again arguing the Player to keep out of it. Towards the end of Greely's Inferno, he finally accepts help from the Player and tells him/her to be a distraction while he tries to keep the volcano under control. When the Phantom King is defeated once again, Greely mentions a prophecy of a brave Jammer that would save Jamaa believing it was the player and apologizes for the misunderstanding. He then forces the Player to escape the volcano while he tries to stop it. He succeeds, but with the cost of his life, or as believed. The other Alphas then see him as another hero of Jamaa along with the Player. In The Search For Greely, Graham leads a team of Monkeys to find Greely along with the Player. He is later found alive but captured in a Phantom Crystal. After the Player defeated the two Phantom Kings, Greely thanks the Player and tells the Player to meet him at the Phantom Portal. Liza, Cosmo and Graham ambush Greely and accuses him of working with the Phantoms after many clues they found in his diaries, however Greely assures them he was working undercover and brings up a place where the Phantom Kings meet; called the Phantom Fortress. The four Alphas decide to come up with a plan, however Graham doesn't trust Greely as he used to and is going to look for more evidence that Greely is a traitor.



  • Greely is possibly named after Adolphus Washington Greely whom was a American Polar explorer and expert.
  • The meaning of "Greely" is Gray Meadow.
  • It is rumored that he was born in July, since a Ruby (July birthstone) was found in his study.
  • It is stated that his favorite color is blue, this is discovered on his profile page during the Beta Testing.

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