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Important Information
Name Greely
Alias Wolf Alpha
Gender Male
Species Gray Wolf
Relationships Alphas (team), Wolves (allies), Phantoms (possible enemies or possible allies)

I am Greely, the wolf Alpha. Not that is any business of yours, but I am here to study the Phantoms. To learn their secrets.

- Greely introducing himself to the player in The Hive.

Greely is the Wolf Alpha. He is the least understood of the Alphas and his presence is unwelcoming. Rather than head-on strength, Greely defeats his enemies with manipulation. Greely appears in the Adventure series as a major character.

Greely's signature in the Daily Explorer


Greely is a blue-grey Wolf, with a white underbelly (depends on artwork variants). He has yellow eyes, or reddish-brown in adventures; in his Beta artwork he had white eyes, and a ruby in his left eye. He has white tuffs as eyebrows, and three blue spots under his eyes (thought to be markings). The ruff on the back of his neck/head is very ragged and darker than the rest of his fur. He wears a gold chain (bronze in adventures) around his neck that latches to his cape. His cape/cloak is normally a dark purple color and is worn down with lots of tears in it. He wears four bands on his forepaws, two on each one. He has a leather brace on his tail. All of these descriptions are based on artwork, so it can be different from what is listed here.


Not much is known about his past, but it is mentioned in the Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide that he originally came from Earth like the other six original Alphas (excluding Peck). Gray Wolves in the wild live around Northern North America, Western Asia and Northern Europe, it is possible he lived on any of these continents. Mira and Zios found and chose Greely to be the Wolf Alpha, which he obviously accepted. He grew to like the Alphas and the two gods, as they simply became close as a family. Once in Jamaa, he along with some other Alphas, helped the Jamaa military and fought the Phantoms off, which ended the first Phantom war.


The Hive: Greely's first appearance is in this Adventure. He is seen near the start of the Hive and urges the Player to turn back. When the player mentions Greely to Cosmo, Cosmo seems shocked to know that Greely was in the Hive.

The Great Escape: Greely's second appearance was when he is sitting on the balcony that is at the top of the Great Tower. He reveals what the Phantoms are planning and once again, he tells the player to go back and stop interfering. At the end of this Adventure, when the player tells Cosmo where they saw Greely, Cosmo seems partly cross and shocked at what Greely is putting himself into.

Greely's Inferno: He appears near the end of this Adventure and seems lectures the player of causing too much attention. Greely then finally accepts help and tells the player to distract the Phantom King while he tries to stop the volcano from erupting. After the Phantom King flees, Greely thanks the player, mentions that there was a omen that a brave Jammer would save Jamaa, believing the Jammer is in fact the player and apologizes for being harsh on the player. When the volcano starts to erupt, Greely forces the player to escape while he tries to stop the volcano. He succeeds, but at the cost of his life, or so as believed. Greely is then mentioned by Liza, Cosmo and Graham as a hero of Jamaa, along with the player.

The Search For Greely: In this Adventure, Graham leads a team of Monkeys to find Greely and he accepts the player's help in finding him. Greely is later found trapped inside a giant transparent phantom case. After the player defeats the two Phantom Kings, Greely thanks the player for saving him and adds on that he didn't know there were two Phantom Kings in the Phantom Vortex. He then tells the player to meet him at the end of the Phantom Vortex at the Phantom Portal. However Liza, Cosmo and Graham then ambush Greely believing he is a traitor after the Monkey search party's evidence found in Greely's diaries. Greely quickly reassures them that he was working undercover and brings up a conversation about a place where the Phantom Kings met, a place which is called the Phantom Fortress. When this Adventure ends, when Graham is talked to, he will say that he doesn't see Greely as a hero anymore and is highly suspicious of him.

Turning The Tide: Greely only appears at the end of this Adventure. Where he pressures the freed Tavie into telling him what the Phantoms' plans are, if she knew them, which Tavie denies she knows anything. When spoken to again when the Turning The Tide ends, Greely admits that he was traumatized when he was captured by the Phantoms and shows sympathy towards Tavie, thinking she might be traumatized as well.

Battle for the Beacon: Greely appears in the Hidden Hollow, the small town in the center of the adventure. He tells the player that the phantoms have been trying to get back the Phantom Beacon and that the phantoms are launching an attack. After the player has defeated the phantoms, he will tell the player to water all the chomper plants in case the phantoms attack again.


  • Greely is named after Adolphus Washington Greely whom was a American Arctic explorer and a founding member of the National Geographic Society.
  • The meaning of "Greely" comes from the English origin meaning Gray Meadow.
  • Greely could of possibly been born in the month of July, since a Ruby (Birthstone) was found in his office, located in Greely's Inferno and The Search For Greely.
  • It is stated that his favorite color is blue, this is discovered on his profile page during the Beta Testing.
  • According to a National Geographic Kids magazine issue, Greely dislikes comedy, romance and childish behavior.
  • Greely knows how to play the drum-kit, this is seen in a image that Animal Jam Headquarters posted with the Alphas as a band.
  • Greely was falsely accused of being an ally of the phantoms.
  • Greely was known as 'Greely the mysterious wolf' when he became alpha.


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