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Rating-5-glossy Class 5   

The Glove is a non-member clothing item.

Type Clothing
Rare version? Yes
Released during Beta Times?                               Yes
Available to non-members? Yes
Other variants? Yes
Price? 45 gems


The Glove is an item for the paw of an animal. It has a cuff at the wrist and "bumps" on each knuckle. The Glove depicts four fingers. The eight released colors of Gloves are black, white, blue, pink, green, cream, red, and purple. The Rare Freedom Glove is white with a blue cuff and blue-rimmed red bumps.


  • The Glove is very popular among both members and non-members.
  • You can currently win it as a prize in Hard Mode of the Adventures. They also appear as prizes in Sky High and in The Claw at the Trading Party.
  • Glove colors are reversed on Eagles.
  • Gloves appear to be very big when shown on Koalas.
  • One of the eight colors of Gloves is very similar to the Silver Glove. This is why the Silver Glove is often used for scamming. The only difference between the two gloves is that the Silver Glove is a slightly lighter shade of gray. If you look closely, the "bumps" on the regular Glove are darker than the main color, while the bumps on the Silver one are about the same.
  • The Rare version of this item is the Rare Freedom Glove. This item is one of the few non-member rares. It was released on July 1, 2013 for 3,000 gems, making it the most expensive Rare Monday Items to date. The Rare Freedom Glove, the Rare Golden Headphones and the Rare Hood With Feather are the only Rare Item Monday Items that were sold in Epic Wonders.
  • On an Eagle,the glove changes shape to fit the eagle's talons.
    A glove on an Eagle
    StormDragon21Added by StormDragon21


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