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Species: Nubian Giraffe
Cost: 1,000 Gems
Alpha: Edmund
Release Date: May 24th, 2012
Origin: None
Availability: Members-Only

The Giraffe is a members-only land animal. Because of their unpopularity, Animal Jam Headquarters temporarily removed Giraffes from being purchasable and then returned them about half a year later on April 17th, 2014.

Default Appearance

The Giraffe seems to have a very slender, angular dark-orange body with purple spots and brown, short hair starting on the back of their head, and going all the way down their back and on to the tip of their tail. It has brown hooves and the inside of its ears are pink. Its has wide, round eyes that have green irises.


  • Sits: Sits with three legs tucked under its body and one bent in front of it
  • Sleep: Sleeps with all legs tucked neatly under it's belly with neck streched out.
  • Play: Stands on head, the wobbles and falls down, before standing on head again.
  • Dance: They shuffle to the left, then to the right.
  • Hop: Looks like a gazelle.


  • Even after their long anticipated return, they are still uncommon.
  • It has a Pet counterpart: the pet giraffe.
  • It was first hinted that the giraffe was going to be an animal in the future by a giraffe-based sculpture in The Chamber of Knowledge.
  • When some neck items are worn on this animal (such as the Spiked Collar) they apear to be wearing three.


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