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Species: West African Giraffe
Cost: 1,000 Gems
Alpha: Edmund
Release Date: May 24, 2013
Origin: None
Availability: Members
The Giraffe is a members-only land animal that debuted as of May 24, 2013. They went travelling for almost a year and only Jammers who bought them before their travels could use them. Giraffes returned on April 17, 2014.


The Giraffe appears as a real life Giraffe, with a relatively small body figure, medium-lengthed legs with dark hooves, and a long neck completed by a sleek facial profile, topped with small, knobbed horns. This ungulate has dark half-moon eyes, and orange fur with brown diamond-pattern designs.


  • When you wear some neck items when you're a giraffe, multiple quantities (such as 3) of that item will go on your giraffe's neck. Items such as a Lei or a Spiked Collar will go down its neck.
  • When you look at their player card, you'll notice that they are smaller than-life sized, because they're too tall to fit in the player card.
  • The Special Plushies for this animal are--a red giraffe with a helmet, a blue giraffe with a sock, and a neon yellow giraffe with fangs and dragon wings.
  • The release of Giraffes was very unsuccessful, and were not in Jamaa for even a whole year.
  • The Giraffe Alpha/Shaman is believed to be Edmund, a giraffe who is shown as a statue in the Chamber of Knowledge.
    181px-Animal Jam GiraffeStatue

    Edmund Statue

  • On April 17th, Giraffes returned from their year-long travel, and can currently be created by members only.
  • Giraffes are one of the many animals that have a special pattern.
  • They have a counterpart, the pet Giraffe


  • Dance: Bounces backwards in both directions and spreads its legs out.
  • Sleep: Curls up neck and sleeps breathes heavily.
  • Hop: Hops slowly and gracefully.
  • Play: Does a headstand, and then wiggles and falls.
  • Sit: Sits long, as almost if laying down, with one leg up.
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