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Species: Nubian Giraffe
Cost: 1,000 Gems
Alpha: Edmund
Release Date: May 24th, 2012
Origin: None
Availability: Members-Only

The Giraffe is a members-only land animal. Because of their unpopularity, Animal Jam Headquarters temporarily removed Giraffes from being purchasable and then returned them under half a year on April 17th, 2014.

Default Appearance

The Giraffe seems to have a very slender, square-cornered dark carrot-orange body with circular amethyst-colored spots and brown colored hair going down their spine. They have brown hooves, bright hot pink ear insides and wide round eyes that have grass-green irises.


  • Sits: Sits with three legs tucked under its body and one bent in front of it
  • Sleep: Sleeps with all legs tucked neatly under it's belly with neck streched out.
  • Play: Stands on head, the wobbles and falls down, before standing on head again.
  • Dance: They shuffle to the left, then to the right.
  • Hop: Looks like a gazelle.


  • Even after their long anticipated return, they are still uncommon.
  • It has a Pet counterpart: the Giraffe (Pet).
  • It was first hinted that the giraffe was going to be an animal in the future by a giraffe-based sculpture in The Chamber of Knowledge.
  • When some land neck items are worn on this animal (such as the Spiked Collar) they multiply.


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