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Giant Plushies are a type of plushie; however, they are not found in The Claw. They can be obtained from the Summer Carnival (for 3,000 Tickets), Diamond Shop (for 1 Diamond), or won in The Forgotten Desert. Most of the original types were formerly sold at the Conservation Museum from April 14, 2011, all the way until that den shop was closed on October 10, 2013. The original types have no special variations like normal plushies do, but each of the Diamond Shop releases include ten different color varieties and each of the Summer Carnival releases have seven color varieties.


Conservation Museum (Formerly)

  • Giant Bunny Plushie
  • Giant Crocodile Plushie
  • Giant Elephant Plushie
  • Giant Fox Plushie
  • Giant Giraffe Plushie
  • Giant Horse Plushie
  • Giant Koala Plushie
  • Giant Monkey Plushie
  • Giant Panda Plushie
  • Giant Penguin Plushie
  • Giant Raccoon Plushie
  • Giant Rhino Plushie
  • Giant Seal Plushie
  • Giant Tiger Plushie
  • Giant Wolf Plushie

Summer Carnival

Freedom Day

Diamond Shop

Epic Wonders

Leap Year Party


  • There is no giant plushie version of the Deer, Falcon, Pig, Sloth, Lemur, Toucan, Sheep, or the Cougar.
  • There are only two non member giant plushies, the Giant Kangaroo Plushie and the Giant Raccoon Plushie.
  • Some Giant Plushies that are no longer sold will include a Rare tag, such as the Giant Frog Plushie and the Monthly Member Gifts version of the Giant Lion Plushie.
  • The Giant Lion Plushie is the only giant plushie to be released in two different forms: first a rare Monthly Membership Gift form, and then later re-released as a normal Diamond Shop form.
  • Sometimes an unreleased giant plushie is used as a decoration in one of AJHQ's Epic Dens. These are typically released at a later date.


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