The Giant Lion Plushie is members-only land and ocean den item. It was originally released as one of the Monthly Member Gifts in February 2012. It was later sold at the Diamond Shop starting in May 2013.


This appears to be a large plushie that is shaped like a Lion. The plushie has a very large head that includes a large mane of fur, large ears, a large chin, and small black eyes. The plushie is in a seated position with its tail sticking out behind it. There are ten different color varieties of this item, but each color also has a rare version for a total of twenty versions.


  • The monthly member gift version was given a rare tag sometime before the diamond shop versions were introduced. The diamond shop versions do not include any rare tag.
  • This item has a much smaller counterpart, the Lion Plushie.
  • Only the blue rare variant can be won in The Forgotten Desert.


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