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Gem Breaker is a single-player (and multiplayer) mini-game that can be found in Mt. Shiveer and the Sol Arcade. It was first introduced in January 2011. It can also be played through the Games menu or via its den item counterpart.


This game consists of a tall narrow space with walls on each side and a metal launching device at the bottom; the space is filled with various colors of gems that are connected to one another and hanging from the top. The objective of this game is to break the colored gems above the Phantom gems so that the Phantom gems will fall. Colored gems are broken by launching a gem of the same color at them to make a match three or more of the same color, which will knock them down. Some levels include stones that, like the Phantom gems, can only be knocked down by breaking the colored gems above them. Once the required number of phantoms have fallen, the level is cleared. The player can control where the current gem will launch by moving their mouse to rotate the launching device and then clicking to launch the gem. Launched gems can be bounced off the walls to hit areas that are behind other gems. The color of the gem to be launched is random, but the game will show the player what the current gem and next gem color will be to help them develop a strategy for where to launch the gems. After the player launches eight gems, all of the hanging gems will drop down by one row and a new row will be added at the top. If the hanging gems drop below the silver line above the launcher, the game ends.


The single-player mode offers three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. The easy difficulty starts with only three rows of hanging gems at the top and only two gem colors: blue and green; this changes into medium difficulty at level six, and then hard difficulty at level eleven. The medium difficulty starts with four rows of hanging gems at the top and includes stones along with three gem colors: blue, white, and green; this changes into hard difficulty at level six. The hard difficulty starts with five rows of hanging gems and includes stones as well as four gem colors: red, blue, green, and white.


The multiplayer mode is significantly different from the single-player mode, and it can only be played when two Jammers in the same room start this mode at the same time. The multiplayer mode features a split screen with the player's view on the left and their opponents view on the right. In this mode, there are three rows of hanging gems that include the colors red, blue, green, white, and cyan. Unlike the single-player mode, gems will automatically launch every few seconds even if the player does not click, but the players can still click to launch the gems faster. The multiplayer mode will continue until the hanging gems reach a player's launcher, causing them to lose the level, two times.


The player is awarded 1 Gem for approximately every 5000 points earned. Points are earned by breaking the gems, with approximately 200 points earned for each gem knocked down and additional bonus points earned when five or more gems are knocked down at once. Completing a level will earn the player an additional 50,000 points. In multiplayer mode, the winning player also receives a bonus of 15 Gems.


There are six achievements that can be earned by playing Gem Breaker:

Achievements Description
Breaker! Breaker! Play Gem Breaker 10 times
Buster! Buster! Play Gem Breaker 20 times
Crasher! Crasher! Play Gem Breaker 35 times
Smasher! Smasher! Play Gem Breaker 50 times
Gem Ace! Gem Ace! Complete level 20 of Gem Breaker
Gem Guru! Gem Guru! Win 10 multiplayer games of Gem Breaker


  • It might be based on Puzzle Bobble, a Japanese Puzzle Game released in 1994.
  • Even though they are called Gems in the game, the green, white, and phantom colors do not resemble the currency of Gems.
  • When playing in multiplayer, there is a timer to avoid Jammers idling or stalling, therefore making the game fair between the two players.


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