Gabby's Animal Hospital is a medical-themed location in Jamaa. It was formerly known as the Medical Center until an update on September 15, 2016. It was first introduced at Jamaa Township during the Beta Testing, but it was removed in February 2012 when it was replaced by the Pillow Room (which was relocated due to the introduction of the Sol Arcade). It was reintroduced in Kimbara Outback upon the land's release in July 2013.

Kimbara Outback

There are two floors. The bottom floor contains the shop and some covered plaques that are possibly hinting at new items. The top floor has some seats for the patients, a sink, and a hospital bed with a light and IV drip. The walls on the top floor are covered with various medical charts. The music in this room seems very medieval that is mixed with electronics.

Jamaa Township (Former Location)

  • The interior
  • The exterior

Before February 2012, Gabby's Animal Hospital (known at that time as the Medical Center) was located where the Pillow Room is currently. This center was only one floor with wooden floorboard and mustard-colored walls. There is medical equipment and boxes scattered across the floor and some hiding in the corners and appears quite messy. It was rumored for a long time while it was in Jamaa Township that the center was going to move. There was no music in this room, the background soundtrack was simply murmuring of different voices and the sounds of usage of tools. There was nothing to interact with, such as mini shops, unlike the newer version of the Medical Center.

Medical Center Shop

The Medical Center Shop is a land clothing item store that is located in the Medical Center in the Kimbara Outback. It can be seen inside the building at the front and mainly sells medical themed items.

List of Medical Items
Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
Cone Collar Cone Collar Neck 400 Yes
Stethoscope 1 Stethoscope Neck 550 Yes
AJAB 1 Arm Brace Legs 400 Yes
JHB 1 Head Bandage Head 450 Yes
Bandage Bandage Head 350 No
Medical-Center Cast Blue Cast Legs 500 Yes


  • The Rare Cone Collar was sold here for a Rare Item Monday.
    • This is one of the very few times where an item not in Jam Mart Clothing has had a rare counterpart not sold in Jam Mart Clothing.
  • There was a bed in the Medical Center that only flying animals could reach, but this was later changed into a surgery table.
  • The letters on the eye chart spell out the names of Alphas.
  • There was a period where the Medical Center had no videos for Jammers to watch from 2014 until September 2016.
  • On September 13, 2012, the Pillow Room was replaced by the original Medical Center for a few hours before it was later reverted.



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