The Friendship Party is a party that takes place during the Friendship Festival every year. It was first released in February 2012.


This party seems to take place in a den similar to the Princess Castle. Each year, the Friendship Party switches out a few of the valentines-themed decorations and adds new ones. As of 2016, there is a rose garden on the far right outside and a circular platform near the entrance.


On the very top floor is a shop that sells only den items. On the center of the staircase, which connects the first and second floor, is a Chocolate Heart Fountain.


Den Items

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Item Gems Members Only?
Friendship-Shop Heart-Shaped-Hedge Red Heart-Shaped Hedge 450 No
Friendship-Shop Heart-Shaped-Table Red Heart-Shaped Table 500 Yes
Friendship-Shop Heart-Shaped-Fireplace Red Heart-Shaped Fireplace 600 Yes
Friendship-Shop Heart-Shaped-Couch Red Heart-Shaped Couch 550 Yes
Friendship-Shop Heart-Shaped-Chair Red Heart-Shaped Chair 400 Yes
Friendship-Shop Heart-Shaped-Fountain Heart-Shaped Fountain 600 Yes




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