Not to be confused with the Mask.

The Freedom Mask is a non-member land clothing item that was originally released during 2011 and is won as a random prize from Sky High. It returned for Rare Item Monday on June 18, 2012, and it was sold in Jam Mart Clothing with an added Rare badge.


This item appears to be a flat, white tribal mask that is slightly curved. A face is painted onto the mask with a large forehead, wide black eyes, and wide red eyebrows, nose, and mouth. The face is also decorated with red dots and red swirls that add to the tribal theme. The top of the mask has a small crack and there are blue feathers with red tips that line the top and sides of the mask. There is only one variety of mask that goes by this name.


  • It can be won as a random prize in many of the Adventures.
  • This item is a freedom-themed version of the Mask.
  • When worn by an Elephant or a Pig, the eyes appear at the top of the mask with the swirls in the center.
  • Even though the Mask has a Rare tag, its name doesn't have the word "Rare" in it unlike other rares.
  • It is the only version of the Mask that isn't members-only.