The Frankenstein Mask is a non-members land clothing item that is worn on the head. It was originally released in Jam Mart Clothing during the 2011 Night of the Phantoms, but in 2012 it was re-released with new colors at the Haunted Forest Party.


The Frankenstein Mask is square-shaped and resembles the face of Frankenstein's monster. The face has hair on the top, and just under the hair there are three stitches across the forehead. It has angry-looking eyes, a large nose, and a small mouth. On either side of its neck it has two bolts holding on the head, one of which has a small lightning bolt coming from it. This item comes in sixteen varieties, including the rare variants.


  • The rare variant can be recycled for 290 Gems.
  • On its first release it came in eight colors. Those colors were later replaced by eight new colors and the original colors received a "Rare" tag.
  • The non Rare version was also sold in the New Year's Party of 2015.
  • Both the original and the new colors can be obtained in The Forgotten Desert.


New Varieties

Original "Rare" Varieties