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This article is about the animal. For the pet, see Pet Fox.
Fox Profile

The Fox is a members-only land animal. They were introduced into Jamaa during July 2012.

Default Appearance

Foxes have tiny paws, slim legs, and a lean, compact body.Their default colour is pale red fur, a white underbelly and magenta ear and leg tips. Their faces are wedge-shaped, with a pointy and narrow nose, the surface being flat, and medium-wide triangular ears; the fox is characterized by its large, fluffy tail.


  • Dance
  • Play
  • Hop
  • Sleep
  • Sit
Acts Description
Sleep Curls up, tail wrapped around body
Play Sniffs the ground; swiftly digs a hole and leaps in; comes out through another hole
Dance Hind legs skip one pace forward, another pace back, while front paws twirl about Steps in a circle and repeats. It looks somewhat like the hokey-pokey
Hop Bounces upward, tail swaying. This just seems to be more like a spring type of jump


  • In the Daily Explorer, there was a riddle you had to solve to guess what the next animal was going to be, this being the animal, to which many were surprised.
  • Foxes can open a Foxes Only Gate in The Phantom Portal adventure.
  • Foxes appear huge in Wind Rider and The Great Escape Parachute game.
  • Many Jamaaliday items, such as the Holiday Sweater, glitch on foxes.
  • Even though they weren't the main animal in the video, they were in the Arctic Fox short titled "It Wasn't Me?"
  • There is a glitch to enable non-members to have and use Foxes after their membership expires.
  • They have an arctic counterpart called the Arctic Fox.
  • The play action resembles the way foxes hunt in real life.


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