The Football Helmet is a members-only land clothing item that is worn on the head. It is currently sold in Jam Mart Clothing and was first released on May 23, 2013. It was removed from the store on January 29, 2018. It was re-released on April 28, 2018.


The Football Helmet has a rounded shape with a small hole on either side. There is also white protective gear in the front and a white stripe down the center of the helmet. The helmet comes in nine different color varieties, one of which is a rare variant.


  • The rare variant was released for Rare Item Monday on April 27, 2015.
  • It was released alongside the Sports Jersey.
  • It returned on February 1, 2017, with a half-off sale price of 225 Gems. Its return seems to coincide with Superbowl 51 on February 5, 2017.
  • It can be won as a random prize from The Forgotten Desert.


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