Not to be confused with the Freedom Flower Crown or the Spring Flower Crown.

The Flower Crown is a members-only land clothing item that is worn on the head. It was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing and was first released on July 20, 2013. It returned for a second release on March 28, 2015, but it later went on clearance during January 2016.


The Flower Crown consists of flowers shaped into a circular band, which goes on a Player's head. There are six large, rose-like flowers and smaller daisies braided in between them with rose leaves underneath the roses. This item comes in ten color varieties, which includes the rare variant and the glitched magenta variant.


  • The Flower Crown has another variant sold only during the Summertime, at the Freedom Party called the Freedom Flower Crown with a red, white and blue color instead.
  • The Rare variation was released for Rare Item Monday on July 4, 2016. It costs 1,000 Gems and recycles for 300 Gems.
  • There is a magenta variant which was released as a result of a glitch in the Item Recovery system.
  • It can be won by playing The Forgotten Desert.


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