Flippers 'N Fins is the underwater counterpart of Claws N' Paws, and is located in Crystal Reef. It is a small place where the player can purchase underwater pets using their adoption icons and purchase accessories for their pets using the Pet Stop.


Interior of flippers n fins

The interior of Flippers 'N Fins

The door for this place is round and wooden with a seahorse shape cut out at the top. The door has a wooden frame that is built into the rocks. The interior of this place is very rocky with scattered coral and seaweed growing in different parts. Near the entrance, there are a series of wooden shelves precariously balanced between two rock columns. The shelves hold a variety of decorations like small plants, jars of colorful stones, and fish bowls. Bright blue light streams into the space between the rock formations.


Like the Claws 'N Paws shop, this store contains the Pet Stop as well, albeit for underwater pets. However, it does not contain the Pet Wash, due to it being underwater.

Underwater Adoption Icons

Underwater Pets
Adoption-Icon Pet-Seahorse Seahorse
Adoption-Icon Pet-Anglerfish Anglerfish
Adoption-Icon Pet-Turtle Turtle
Adoption-Icon Pet-Jellyfish Jellyfish
Adoption-Icon Pet-Polar-Bear Polar Bear
Adoption-Icon Pet-Shark Shark
Adoption-Icon Pet-Dolphin Dolphin
Adoption-Icon Pet-Octopus Octopus


  • Despite having the adoption icon for the Pet Turtle, it cannot actually be purchased because it was previously set for clearance.