Flippers 'N Fins is the underwater counterpart of Claws N' Paws, and is located in Crystal Reef. At this shop, the player can purchase underwater pets; however, only one is available for both non-members and members. Just like when the player is on land, each Pet costs 400 Gems. However, the Pet Polar Bear, Pet Shark, and Pet Dolphin all cost 3 diamonds.

Like the Claws 'N Paws shop, this store contains the Pet Stop as well, albeit for underwater pets. However, it does not contain the Pet Wash, due to it being underwater.

Underwater Pet Shop

Underwater Pets
Pet seahorse1 Seahorse
Pet anglerfish Anglerfish
PetTurtle Turtle
PetJellyfish Infobox Jellyfish
Polar Bear


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