This article is about the shop. For the place, see Flag Shop (Place).

The Flag Shop is a shop that sells flags from countries around the world. It can be accessed through Sarepia Forest, on the upper-left.


This shop sells 120 flags, 116 of which are country flags. All of the country flags (including the Jamaa Flag) are non-member, however the Pirate Flag, the Peace Flag, and the Phantom Flag are members-only.

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Flags Gems Members-Only?
Jamaa Flag Jamaa Flag 150 No
Peace Flag Peace Flag 300 Yes
Phantomflag00 Phantom Flag 300 Yes
Pirate flag1 Pirate Flag 300 Yes
Algeria Den Item Algeria 150 No
Argentina Den Item Argentina 150 No
Australia Den Item Australia 150 No
Belgium Belgium 150 No
Bosnia and herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 150 No
Brazil Brazil 150 No
Cameroon Cameroon 150 No
Chile Chile 150 No
Colombia Colombia 150 No
Costa rica Costa Rica 150 No
Croatia Croatia 150 No
Ecuador Ecuador 150 No
England England 150 No
France flag France 150 No
Germany Germany 150 No
Ghana Ghana 150 No
Greece Greece 150 No
Honduras Honduras 150 No
Iran Iran 150 No
Italy Italy 150 No
Ivory coast Ivory Coast 150 No
Japan Japan 150 No
Mexico Mexico 150 No
Netherlands Netherlands 150 No
Nigeria Nigeria 150 No
Portugal Portugal 150 No
Russia Russia 150 No
South Korea South Korea 150 No
Spain Spain 150 No
Switzerland Switzerland 150 No
Uruguay Uruguay 150 No
United States of America United States of America 150 No
Canada Canada 150 No
United Kingdom United Kingdom 150 No
New Zealand New Zealand 150 No
Philippines Philippines 150 No
Romania Romania 150 No
India India 150 No
Ireland Ireland 150 No
Indonesia Indonesia 150 No
Bulgaria Bulgaria 150 No
China Flag China 150 No
Singapore Singapore 150 No
Lithuania Lithuania 150 No
Malaysia Malaysia 150 No
Israel Israel 150 No
Hungary Hungary 150 No
Qatar Qatar 150 No
Poland Poland 150 No
Egypt Egypt 150 No
Puertoricoflag Puerto Rico 150 No
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 150 No
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 150 No
Turkey Flag Turkey 150 No
Kuwait Kuwait 150 No
South Africa South Africa 150 No
Taiwan Taiwan 150 No
Sweden Sweden 150 No
Denmark Denmark 150 No
Iraq Iraq 150 No
Czech Republic Czech Republic 150 No
Ukraine Ukraine 150 No
Jamaica Jamaica 150 No
Norway Norway 150 No
Pakistan Pakistan 150 No
Vietnam Vietnam 150 No
Lebanon Lebanon 150 No
Scotland Scotland 150 No
Austria Den Item Austria 150 No
Finland Finland 150 No
Thailand Thailand 150 No
Cuba Cuba 150 No
Hong Kong Hong Kong 150 No
Venezuela Venezuela 150 No
Slovenia Slovenia 150 No
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 150 No
Madagascar Madagascar 150 No
Cambodia Cambodia 150 No
Haiti Haiti 150 No
Peru Peru 150 No
Guam Guam 150 No
Luxemburg Luxemburg 150 No
Estonia Estonia 150 No
Malta Malta 150 No
Bahamas Den Item Bahamas 150 No
Bermuda Bermuda 150 No
Iceland Iceland 150 No
Barbados Barbados 150 No
Macau Macau 150 No
Guyana Guyana 150 No
Angola Den Item Angola 150 No
Nepal Nepal 150 No
Bali flag Bali 150 No
Macedonia Macedonia 150 No
Samoa Samoa 150 No
Bangladesh Bangladesh 150 No
Panama Panama 150 No
Syria Syria 150 No
Cyprus Cyprus 150 No
Nicaragua Nicaragua 150 No
Serbia Serbia 150 No
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 150 No
Bahrain Bahrain 150 No
Jordan Jordan 150 No
Latvia Latvia 150 No
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 150 No
Kenya Kenya 150 No
Morocco Morocco 150 No
Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands 150 No
Georgia Georgia 150 No
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands 150 No
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 150 No
Botswana Botswana 150 No
Mongolia Mongolia 150 No
Oman Oman 150 No
Guatemala Guatemala 150 No

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