This article is about the den. For the pet item based on it, see Pet Fantasy Castle.
Icon of Fantasy Castle

The Fantasy Castle is a members-only land den that was released during 2012. It can be purchased from the Den Shop.


This den is a fancy castle overhanging a cliff and includes four rooms, two outdoor spaces and a waterfall. Jammers can swim through part of the waterfall next to a small bridge. The background of the den reveals a small river running along rolling hills that lead to sharp mountain peaks with a rainbow and puffy clouds in the sky.


  • It is the fourth biggest den, the third being the Crystal Palace, the second being the Greely's Hideout and the first being Sky Kingdom
  • This den is very spacious and wide compared to the Small House Den.
  • This den was formerly used as "AJHQ's Den," which could have been found on the Epic Dens' tab. It was replaced with the Jamaaliday House.


Unique Patterns

Wall Patterns
Floor Patterns


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