Not to be confused with the Top Hat and the Top Hat (Underwater).

The Fancy Top Hat is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the head. It was first released around January 2012 as a prize in The Claw located at the Trading Party. It was also sold in one of the Hat Shops for Hatapalooza on January 17, 2013, and again on May 4, 2017.

Rare Fancy Top Hat

The Rare Fancy Top Hat is a members-only counterpart to the Fancy Top Hat. It was released for Rare Item Monday on January 21, 2013.


The Fancy Top Hat is a short, round top hat with a ribbon going around the middle of the hat. This item comes in nine different color varieties, including the rare variant.


  • There was a glitch in around February 2012 that caused "2012" and fireworks to pop out the top of the hat when it was worn by a sleeping tiger. This was later fixed.
    • A similar glitch occurred for monkeys wearing this hat later in 2012, but this was also fixed.
  • The Leprechaun Hat seems to be a Lucky Day-inspired variant of this hat.
  • This is one of many items that was formerly won from the Daily Spin.
  • The Rare Jamaaliday Fancy Top Hat is a Jamaalidays counterpart to this item.
  • This is one of only a few non-member items that was changed to members-only for its Rare Item Monday release.
  • When it returned for the May 2017 Hatapalooza, it was put on sale for 50% off (150 Gems).


Members-Only Version


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