The Excavation Site Collection is a collection of archaeology-themed items that was first released on July 9, 2015, and came back around the beginning of June 2017. It was part of a Den Item Contest where Jammers could vote on which theme of den items they would like to see. This was the last collection released out of the three available voting choices.


It has many different excavation tools, such as shovels, ropes, canteens, and more. There are also pieces of a phantom ruin that is grey-brown. There is also a gold-panning site where there is a gold pan. Lastly, there are excavation boxes, pottery shards, and a tarp where animals work.


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Items Gems Members-Only
WoodCrates Wood Crates 750 No
Ancient Phantom Arch Ancient Phantom Arch 700 Yes
Ancient Phantom Corner Wall Ancient Phantom Corner Wall 650 Yes
Ancient Phantom Wall Ancient Phantom Wall 500 Yes
Water Canteen red Water Canteen 450 No
Dig Site Tools, Red Dig Site Tools 500 Yes
Sifting Screen BLACK Sifting Screen 800 Yes
Pottery Shards red Pottery Shards 450 No
Ruined Stairs up Ruined Stairs 450 Yes
Gold-Panning-Pond Red Shop Gold Panning Pond 950 Yes
Buried-Statue Phantom Shop Buried Statue 650 Yes
Dig Site Canopy yellow Dig Site Canopy 900 Yes


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