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Epic dens

Accessing Epic Dens in 2012

Epic Dens are dens chosen by Animal Jam Staff, and they change every six hours. There was once a poll about which dens should be nominated to become Epic Dens. Generally, dens that are decorated with the most color and creativity are the ones chosen; dens that have many visitors have an even greater chance of being put on the Epic Dens list. To access the Epic Dens list, click on the castle icon on the map and choose which den you want to go to. If you check The Daily Explorer there are normally a den contest for the most epic den, if you win this there is a prize of 5 diamonds.

The list of Epic Dens.

Generally AJ Animal Jam Momsandy Epic Den AJHQ National Geographic Kids Nat Geo Wild Smart Bomb List Community Google Plus

Accessing Epic Dens in 2014

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