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Epic dens

Accessing Epic Dens in 2015

Epic Dens are Dens that have been chosen by Animal Jam Staff to be put on display for the world of Jamaa. Generally, dens that are decorated with the most color and creativity are the ones chosen; dens that have many visitors have an even greater chance of being put on the Epic Dens list. To access the Epic Dens list, click on the castle icon on the map and choose a player's name from the list.


  • The list of Epic Dens changes every six hours.
  • Originally, if a player was chosen to be on the Epic Dens list, they would receive a reward plaque, but this is no longer the case.
  • There was once a poll about which dens should be nominated to become Epic Dens, but this is no longer used.
  • The Daily Explorer often holds a den contest for the most epic den with a prize of 5 Diamonds, but this is not the same as the Epic Dens list.
  • After a player's den is added to the Epic Dens list, the owner can still change the den or lock it. As a result, many of the dens are not seen in the same condition as when they were originally chosen.
  • All items in AJHQ's Epic Den that have an effect when you click on them don't work.
  • Unlike Jammer dens, the AJHQ den items are solid and you can't walk through an item.
  • Player den icons don't appear in the AJHQ Epic den.


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