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The Epic Wonders is a shop that sells clothing and den items that are generally much more expensive than the items sold in other stores around Jamaa. It is located behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons and it was introduced on December 1, 2011.


There are two different orbs which sell different items. The green orb on the top floor sells clothing and the blue orb on the bottom floor sells den items.

Available Items

These are the den items that cost gems in Epic Wonders. The Painter's Easel and the Pixel Easel are the only items that cost 2 Diamonds.

List of Available Den Items
Items Gems Members-Only?
FeastThanksTable Feast Of Thanks Table 1,450 Yes
Animal Jam Phantom Throne Phantom Throne 2,500 Yes
Green mushroom throne Mushroom Throne 1,500 Yes
Icegarden00 Ice Garden 3,500 Yes
Snowman Thrones Snowman Thrones 1,250 Yes
Crater With Meteorite Crater With Meteorite 2,500 Yes
EpicTrainSet Epic Train Set 1,000 Yes
Epic Wonders Orb Default Epic Wonders Orb 2,500 Yes
PrincessVanity Princess Vanity 850 Yes
Elegant Curtains Default Elegant Curtains 1,500 Yes
Elegant Hanging Rug Elegant Hanging Rug 1,250 Yes
ETC 1 Elegant Table Clock 1,500 Yes
ES 1 Elegant Sconce 1,500 Yes
ECT 1 Elegant Coffee Table 1,000 Yes
EC 1 Elegant Chair 1,000 Yes
EC1 Elegant Couch 1,500 Yes
Zios rug00 Zios Rug 1,500 Yes
CBT00 Cherry Blossom Tree 1,500 Yes
Elegant table1 Elegant Table 2,000 Yes
Pet Fantasy Castle Shops Pet Fantasy Castle 2,500 Yes
Birthstone Display Birthstone Display 1,000 Yes
Diamond on Display Diamond on Display 4.500 Yes
Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock 2,250 Yes
Dessert Table Dessert Table 2,000 Yes
EST SUMMER12-13-14 Epic Seasonal Tree 2,250 Yes
Crystal Table Crystal Table 1,000 Yes
Crystal Couch Crystal Couch 1,500 Yes
Crystal Chair Crystal Chair 1,250 Yes
Fancy Vanity Fancy Vanity 3,000 Yes
GoldBrick Gold Brick 10,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Silver-Brick Silver Brick 5,000 No
Bronzebrick Bronze Brick 2,500 No
Cake Bake Kitchen Cake Bake Kitchen 4,500 Yes
REDSPORTSCar Red Sports Car 6,000 Yes
Giant Trapped Phantom Giant Trapped Phantom 3,500 Yes
Feast Table Feast Table 4,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Painter's-Easel Diamond Painter's Easel 2 Diamond Icon No
Pixel Easel Pixel Easel 2 Diamond Icon Yes
List of Available Clothing Items
Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
Three Horned Armor pink Three Horned Armor Body 1,500 Yes
Futuristic headphones Futuristic Headphones Head 1,200 Yes
EEH01 Epic Egyptian Hat Head 1,500 Yes
Bone Tail white Bone Tail Tail 1,000 Yes
Tuxedo Jacket Tuxedo Jacket Body 1,750 Yes
Golden Samurai Helmet Golden Samurai Helmet Head 2,500 Yes
Yak horns epic wonders Yak Horns Head 900 Yes
Epic-Wonders Golden-Unicorn-Horn Golden Unicorn Horn Head 3,500 Yes
CosmicNecklace1 Cosmic Necklace Neck 1,000 Yes
Shop Snowflake-Crown Blue Snowflake Crown Head 1,250 Yes
Snowflake Tiara Snowflake Tiara Head 1,250 Yes
Icesword Ice Sword Body 2,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Epic-Antlers Brown Epic Antlers Head 1,500 Yes
STA 1 Scorpion Tail Armor Tail 1,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Scorpion-Claws Orange Scorpion Claws Legs 1,250 Yes
AJSA 1 Scorpion Armor Body 1,000 Yes
Scorpion Helmet orange Scorpion Helmet Head 1,000 Yes
Spiked Spine 1 Spiked Spine Body 2,000 Yes
Golden Pirate Sword Golden Pirate Sword Body 2,500 Yes
Diamond Anklet 1 Diamond Anklet Legs 1,000 Yes
Opal-Necklace Blue Shop Opal Necklace Neck 800 Yes
Firefly 1 Firefly Necklace Neck 1,500 Yes
RUBY RING00 Ruby Ring Legs 1,000 Yes
BA01 Branch Antlers Head 1,750 Yes
Diamond Tiara epic wonders Diamond Tiara Head 2,500 Yes
Diamond Crown epic wonders Diamond Crown Head 2,500 Yes
GEN01 Gem Encrusted Necklace Neck 1,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Fairy-Princess-Hat Pink Fairy Princess Hat Head 1,250 Yes
Sapphire Ring white Sapphire Ring Legs 1,000 Yes
JTR 1 Turquoise Ring Legs 1,000 No
Turquoise Bracelet Turquoise Bracelet Legs 1,250 Yes
JTN 1 Turquoise Necklace Neck 1,500 Yes
HWF 1 Hood With Feather Head 1,500 Yes
Golden Royal Cape Golden Royal Cape Body 2,000 Yes
Raccoonhat00 Raccoon Hat Head 1,750 No
Golden Dragon Mask Golden Dragon Mask Head 3,000 Yes
JDW 1 Dragonfly Wings Body 3,000 Yes
Crossbow 1 Crossbow Body 2,250 Yes
Diamond Necklace blue Diamond Necklace Neck 3,250 Yes
GoldenTiara Golden Tiara Head 2,200 Yes
Golden Wings Golden Wings Body 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Silver-Glove Silver Glove Legs 2,000 No
Epic-Wonders Nunchucks Purple Nunchucks Body 4,000 Yes
JDE 1 Diamond Earrings Head 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Golden-Bow-And-Arrows Golden Bow And Arrows Body 4,500 Yes
Golden Glove Golden Glove Legs 4,000 Yes
DiamondRing Diamond Ring Legs 3,000 Yes
Dual Samurai Swords Dual Samurai Swords Body 2,200 Yes
DJ Headset DJ Headset Head 2,500 Yes
Ruby Earrings Ruby Earrings Head 1,250 Yes

Formerly Sold Items

These items were once sold in Epic Wonders, but they are no longer available. Many of them are seasonal items that return during certain times of the year.

Formerly sold Den Items
Items Gems Members-Only?
Jamaaliday Wreath Jamaaliday Wreath 2,000 Yes
Aquarium Aquarium 1,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Black-Giant-Wolf-Plushie Black Giant Wolf Plushie 2,000 Yes
BuCa01 Bubbling Cauldron 1,250 Yes
Ct1 Clover Throne 1,750 Yes
Animal jam diamond phantom main Diamond Phantom 7,500 Yes
EpPhTh00 Epic Phantom Throne 2,000 Yes
Esc Epic Steampunk Contraption 1,000 Yes
Ftr Fancy Toy Robot 950 Yes
Flytrap Throne Flytrap Throne 1,500 Yes
Ice thrones00 Ice Thrones 2,000 Yes
Walk-In-Closet Brown Shop Walk-In Closet 950 Yes
Three-headed monster mask Three-Headed Monster Mask 1,750 Yes
Epic-Wonders Spooky-Tree 2012 Spooky Tree 2,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Space-Ship-Command Space Ship Command 5,000 Yes
Tarantula Throne 1 Tarantula Throne 1,000 Yes
Skeleton Throne Skeleton Throne 800 Yes
Shadowgarden00 Shadow Garden 3,500 Yes
Royal garden Royal Garden 3,500 Yes
Animal Jam Phantom Throne Phantom Throne 2,500 Yes
Pet Castle 1 Pet Castle 2,500 Yes
Pet Fantasy Castle Shops Pet Fantasy Castle 2,500 Yes
Pet-Haunted-House Shop Pet Haunted House 2,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Pet-Princess-Castle Pet Princess Castle 2,500 Yes
Nesting peck doll Nesting Peck Doll 1,000 Yes
Liza0093 Nesting Liza Doll 1,000 Yes
NGD00 Nesting Greely Doll 1,000 Yes
Nesting graham dollm3 Nesting Graham Doll 1,000 Yes
Nesting gilbert doll992 Nesting Gilbert Doll 1,000 Yes
Nesting cosmo doll Nesting Cosmo Doll 1,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Gingerbread-Garden Gingerbread Garden 3,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Cosmo-Statue Crystal Cosmo Statue 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Graham-Statue Crystal Graham Statue 3,000 Yes
Crystal greely statue Crystal Greely Statue 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Liza-Statue Crystal Liza Statue 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Peck-Statue Crystal Peck Statue 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Sir-Gilbert-Statue Crystal Sir Gilbert Statue 3,000 Yes
Formerly sold Clothing Items
Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
Jamaaliday Tail Ribbons Jamaaliday Tail Ribbons Tail 1,250 Yes
Hollycrown1 Holly Crown Head 1,500 Yes
Hollytiara1 Holly Tiara Head 1,500 Yes
CuBo&Ar01 Cupid's Bow And Arrows Body 1,500 Yes
Designer Skirt (Pink) Designer Skirt Body 2,600 Yes
Egyptian Beard purple Egyptian Beard Neck 450 Yes
Emerald ring Emerald Ring Legs 1,000 Yes
Epic Dragon Skull white Epic Dragon Skull Head 600 Yes
EpDrWi01 Epic Dragon Wings Body 750 Yes
FeMa01 Feathered Mask Head 2,000 Yes
Flaming Crown 1 Flaming Crown Head 1,750 Yes
Flaming Tiara 1 Flaming Tiara Head 1,750 Yes
Shop Gold-Ring Gold Ring Legs 2,000 Yes
Shop Heart-Ring Pink Heart Ring Legs 1,000 Yes
Opal-Necklace Blue Shop Opal Necklace Neck 800 Yes
MedusaMask01 Medusa Mask Head 1,500 Yes
Ziosglove Zios Glove Legs 2,500 Yes
Shop Zios-Mask Zios Mask Head 3,000 Yes
Skeleton Suit land white Skeleton Suit Body 1,500 Yes
JRT 1 Royal Tiara Head 3,500 Yes
Phantom Mask Phantom Mask Head 2,500 Yes

Clothing Preview Glitch

There was a glitch where the clothing items could appear as solid magenta, but they could not be purchased. This occurred if the player was previewing a non-default color variant of an item while on a non-default sorting option. If the player then clicked one of the sorting buttons such that an item with fewer color variants aligned in the same slot as the previewed item, when they finally clicked the close-up magnifying glass button they would see a solid magenta variant that wasn't actually available.


  • Epic Wonders sells many recurring items such as the birthstones that change every month.
List of Birthstones
Birthstones Month
Epic-Wonders Garnet-Birthstone Garnet Birthstone January
Epic-Wonders Amethyst-Birthstone Amethyst Birthstone February
Aquamarine Birthstone-3 Aquamarine Birthstone March
Epic-Wonders Diamond-Birthstone Diamond Birthstone April
Emerald Birthstone Default Emerald Birthstone May
Epic-Wonders Pearl-Birthstone Pearl Birthstone June
Epic-Wonders Ruby-Birthstone Ruby Birthstone July
Peridot02 Peridot Birthstone August
Epic-Wonders Sapphire-Birthstone Sapphire Birthstone September
Opalbirthstone Opal Birthstone October
Epic-Wonders Topaz-Birthstone Topaz Birthstone November
Epic-Wonders Turquoise-Birthstone Turquoise Birthstone December
  • There have only been thirteen Rare Item Monday items sold in the Epic Wonders.
Formerly sold RIM
Rare Items Type? Members-Only?
Epic-Wonders Rare-Freedom-Glove Rare Freedom Glove Legs No
RHWF Rare Hood With Feather Head Yes
Rare golden headphones Rare Golden Headphones Head Yes
JTN 1 Rare Turquoise Necklace Neck Yes
Epic-Wonders Rare-Gem-Encrusted-Necklace Rare Gem Encrusted Necklace Neck Yes
Epic-Wonders Rare-Dragonfly-Wings Rare Dragonfly Wings Body Yes
Epic-Wonders Rare-Fairy-Princess-Hat Rare Fairy Princess Hat Head Yes
RareDualSamuraiSords Rare Dual Samurai Swords Body Yes
Rim Zios Mask Rare Zios Mask Head Yes
Rare Branch Antlers Rare Branch Antlers Head Yes
Shop Rare-Moon-Necklace Rare Moon Necklace Neck No
Raresnowflaketiara Rare Snowflake Tiara Head Yes
Rarecupidsbowandarrows Rare Cupid's Bow and Arrows Body Yes
  • It would cost 130,000 gems to purchase all of the visible gold bricks in front of the orb on the first floor.
  • The Painter's Easel is the only item that has ever sold for diamonds in Epic Wonders.

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