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The Enchanted Hollow is a members-only land den that was released on August 16, 2012.


This den is mostly underground with an above-ground forest entrance that has mystical surroundings such as rays of sunlight streaming through the trees to make the grassy area glow. The burrow portion of the den has two small rooms and one big one on the bottom floor. The roots of the forest above can be seen in the ground around the entrance, and towards the bottom there are various sparkling gemstones embedded in the earth.


  • The Enchanted Hollow appears in the Return of the Phantoms Adventure as the Bunny Burrow.
  • This den came out at the same time as Foxes; this seems fitting, as real-life foxes dig underground burrows.
  • This is Animal Jam's only subterranean den.
  • Like most other dens, there are no unique patterns for the Starry Walls or the Coral Canyons Floor when placed in this den.
  • There is an unreleased room file that exists in the game that is a concept art for this den.


Unique Patterns

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