All the Emoticons: Member and Non-member

Emoticons are the main way for the player to show their various emotions on Animal Jam. Non-members are restricted to using only the one-frame Emoticons, while members may use all the Emoticons, including the exclusive animated ones. Most Emoticons show feelings, but others can show thoughts, desires, or items.

Emoticons for Everybody

These emoticons are for everyone:

  • Peace Sign
  • Angry Face
  • Blushing Face
  • Confused face
  • Cool Face
  • Crying Face
  • Evil Face
  • Large-Grin Face
  • Smiley Face
  • Laughing Face
  • In-Love Face
  • Feeling Down Face
  • Sick Face
  • Tired Face
  • Ninja Face
  • Shocked/Surprised Face
  • Questioning Face
  • Tease Face
  • Wink Face
  • Which Game Sign
  • Hearts
  • Broken Heart
  • Hamburger
  • Ice Cream
  • Sword
  • One Star
  • Two Stars
  • Three Stars


Members-only Emoticons

These exclusive animated emoticons are for members only. There are fewer of these than the original non-member ones, and most of them mean the same thing as the original ones.

  • Angry Face - the face turns red and steam come from its ears.
  • Fist Fight - a cloud of dust with stars and dust bunnies flying out.
  • Confused - the mysterious animal tilts its head while question marks fly around.
  • Laughing - the face is laughing really hard.
  • Phantom - a phantom appears to be bouncing; upon hitting the "ground" dust clouds form.
  • Sad - the face looks depressed while a cloud forms over its head, raining down on it.
  • Tired - the animal appears to be sleeping, while Z's fly around it.
  • Heart Break - a heart appears, and suddenly it vibrates, cracking in two and falling on the ground.
  • Love Sick - The animal looks dreamy while hearts flow around it.
  • Ninja - the animal (wearing a ninja mask) looks both ways then disappears.
  • Sick - the animal looks under the weather, then it turns green and its cheeks bulge out.
  • Smile - the animal looks normal then starts grinning, looking truly happy.
  • Cool - the animal wears sunglasses, then it flicks them upwards and winks.
  • Vampire - the animal at first looks all innocent, then it narrows its eyes and sharp fangs appear.


  • Almost all the Emoticons consist of the face of an unknown animal, but it's possible it is a cat.
  • Each Emoticon has a command that the player can type to use the emoticon.
  • There is a glitch where the members-only emoticons' frame is missing.
  • You used to be able to put emojis into your chat, without having to do it separately. This was taken out for an unknown reason at an unknown time.

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