The Egyptian Treasure Collection is a set of Ancient Egyptian-themed den items and clothing items. The items started being released on September 4, 2014, with the last item released on September 14, 2014. They returned in April 2016.


Den Items

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Items Gems Members-Only?
EgSp00 Egyptian Sphinx 600 Yes
EgPi00 Egyptian Pillow 350 No
EgCo00 Egyptian Couch 550 Yes
EgRu00 Egyptian Rug 400 No
EgCa00 Egyptian Cat 450 No
PaSc00 Papyrus Scrolls 400 No
ET0000 Egyptian Throne 850 Yes
SP000 Sand Pyramids 500 Yes
GES01 Golden Egyptian Scarab 450 No
EPB00 Egyptian Puzzle Box 450 Yes
ES0000 Egyptian Sarcophagus 600 Yes
PTa01 Pyramid Table 500 Yes


There are all members-only clothing item

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Items Gems
EgHa01 Egyptian Hat 500
EgBe01 Egyptian Beard 450
EEH01 Epic Egyptian Hat 1,500


  • It is the first collection to feature both clothing items and den items.
  • It came second in the Den Item Contest vote, even though some of the items in the collection are clothing items.


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