Not to be confused with the Epic Dragon Mask or the Golden Dragon Mask.

The Dragon Mask is a non-member clothing item that can be worn on the head. It was first released during March 2011 and it is sold in Jam Mart Clothing.


The Dragon Mask goes directly on a Jammer's head when worn. It is shaped like the head of a dragon and has two horns. The mask also has buttons for eyes, a nose, and a tongue sticking out. It comes in various colors.


  • The rare variant of the Dragon Mask was released on September 19, 2015, for 550 Gems. This was an accidental early release, as it was purposely released later on September 28, 2015, for Rare Item Monday.
  • It looks similar to the Nessie Mask.
  • When worn in the Adventures, it does 14 damage to destructible objects compared to only 10 damage without it.



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