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The Dolphin is a members-only ocean animal that was first released on September 16, 2011. Dolphins were released alongside Sharks, Bahari Bay, Crystal Reef and Deep Blue. They have their own game called Splash and Dash, which is located in Bahari Bay and the Sol Arcade.

Default Appearance

The Dolphin has a baby-blue top color with a white underside and dark blue eyes.


Acts Description
Faces left/right, vertical, relaxed in a shrimp-curved position.
Does an underwater somersault and flips its tail up (repeat twice).
Swims downwards, paddling back up, and does a belly-flop.
Swims slowly, increasing speed within a few seconds.
Upward in a vertical position kicking water with tail flukes, changing direction.


  • There is a dolphins-Only pathway in the Adventure, Bubble Trouble.
  • If a dolphin appears at a Wolves Only Party, it will be visible, but it cannot perform actions and remains motionless as the dolphin traverses through the party.
  • Like most animals, the dolphins did not have an Alpha when they were first released. It was not until 2014, nearly 3 years later, that the dolphins' alpha was revealed to be Tavie.
  • In the adventure Turning The Tide, there is a group of dolphin NPCs that are known as the Bottlenose Brigade.


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