The Diamond Shop is a place where Jammers can spend Diamonds. It is located just above Club Geoz in Jamaa Township. It was introduced on May 30, 2013, when the Monthly Member Gifts were discontinued and replaced with weekly Diamonds instead. The Diamond Shop sells a wide variety of items such as arcade games, weapons, armor, and music for dens; it also sells things that are not items such as animal avatars, pets, and dens.


On the outside, the Diamond Shop appears to be a small, round stone building with a domed roof. It has light blue diamond-shaped stones leading up to the door. It also includes blue stone accents around the doorway as well as along the base and top of the walls. The dome of the roof has diamond-shaped skylights that are frosted in a light blue color. There are also two teal banners, which are imprinted with white diamond-cut shapes, on either side of the entrance and there is even an animated red flag waving at the top of the dome.

The inside of the shop is much larger than its outside appearance. The floor of the shop is decorated with white, blue, and dark blue tiles that are laid out in intricate swirling patterns and diamond shapes. There are square pillars, which happen to be cracked and have golden engravings, along the walls of the shop. In between each pillar is a glass window with a light-blue frosted appearance and a blue stone frame.

In the center of the shop there is a giant marble Arctic Wolf statue on a stand; next to the statue is a smaller circular platform displaying a Pet Arctic Wolf and a Pet Fox. At the top-right of the shop is a stone display table that has an animal mannequin on top for displaying armor sets; the animal and the armor set displayed change depending on the season. On the right side of the Diamond Shop are three more stone display tables with a Legendary Glove, a Snow Cloud, and an Elf Tail Armor at the top - followed by a record player in the middle and two miniature den models at the bottom. At the bottom left of the shop is a wooden table covered in gems, diamonds, treasure chests, and weight balances.

Diamond Exchange

One of the shop tables is different from all of the others because it is named the Diamond Exchange instead of the "Diamond Shop" and it allows Jammers to buy Gems using their diamonds.

Gems for Diamond

Diamond Exchange

Diamond Exchange for Gems
1 1,000
4 5,000
7 10,000
10 15,000

Jamaaliday Gift Shop

The Jamaaliday Gift Shop is a seasonal shop that was introduced into the Diamond Shop in December 2013. It sells items from previous Jamaaliday Gift Calendars for 1 Diamond each.

List of Gift Shop Items
Patch of Lollipops Patch of Lollipops
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Snowflake-Rug Snowflake Rug
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Snow-Angel Snow Angel
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Fireplace Fireplace
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Gingerbread-House Gingerbread House
Frozen Pond Frozen Pond
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Ice-Phantom-Statue Ice Phantom Statue
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Peppermint-Pathway Peppermint Pathway
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Winter-Window Winter Window
Snowman Family Diamond Shop Snowman Family
Red Gingerbread Cake Gingerbread Cake
Jamaaliday-Gift-Shop Candy-Cane-Planter Green Candy Cane Planter
Hanging Candy Canes Hanging Candy Canes

Diamond Shop


All of these animals can also be purchased through the player's Switch Animals menu by clicking the "make a new animal!" button.

List of Available Animals
Animal Diamond Members-Only
Icon Coyote Coyote 10 Yes
Snowleopardface Snow Leopard 10 Yes
Cheetah Head Icon Cheetah 10 Yes
Lynx Face-Icon Lynx 10 Yes
Llama Avatar 1 Llama 10 Yes
Sheep Icon Sheep 10 Yes
Arctic-Fox-Avatar Arctic Fox 10 Yes
Toucan Icon Toucan 10 Yes
Lemur2 Lemur 10 Yes
Kangarooface Kangaroo 10 Yes
Slothface Sloth 5 Yes
Pigface Pig 5 No
Hyenaface Hyena 10 Yes
Falconheader Falcon 10 Yes
Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf 10 Yes
Otterface Otter 10 Yes
Eagleface1 Eagle 10 Yes
Lynx Face-Icon Lynx 10 Yes
Owlface Owl 10 Yes


All pets purchased from the diamond shop cost 3 diamonds.

List of Available Pets
Pets Members-Only
Pet Dolphin Dolphin Yes
Chomp shark Shark Yes
Pet piglet1 Piglet Yes
PetGecko Gecko Yes
Pet Hyena Example Hyena Yes
Pet Arctic Fox1 Arctic Fox Yes
Pet polar bear1 Polar Bear Yes
Pet cheetah1 Cheetah Yes
Pet hummingbird1 Hummingbird Yes
PetSkunk Skunk Yes
PetArmadillo-0 Armadillo Yes
PetPenguin Penguin Yes
PetPeacock Peacock Yes
PetPony Pony Yes
Pet Fox - infobox Fox Yes
PetLion Lion Yes
Pet owl1 Owl Yes
Pet giraffe1 Giraffe No
Pet eagle1 Eagle Yes


All dens purchased from the Diamond Shop are for members-only.

List of Available Dens
Dens Diamond
Sandcastle 7
Icon of Beach House Beach House 7
Dens Lizas-Garden Liza's Garden 7
Spring Cottage Spring Cottage 7
Icon of Art Gallery Art Gallery 7
Icon of Winter Palace Winter Palace 7
Icon of Sir Gilberts Palace Sir Gilbert's Palace 7
Icon of Peck Den Peck's Den 7
Icon of Sky Kingdom Sky Kingdom Den 7
Icon of Sol Arcade Sol Arcade Den 5

Armor/Outfit Sets

Each armor set is a collection of five clothing items that match for the head, neck, body, legs, and tail. Note: Most of all the armor/costume sets are members-only, except for the Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets, Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor and the Western Tail Scarf.

List of Available Armor/Outfit Sets
Armor/Outfit Sets Types Set Pairs Diamond
Westernhat Western Hat Head Western 2
Westernscarf Western Scarf Neck Western 1
Westernvest Western Vest Body Western 3
Westernchaps Western Chaps Legs Western 3
Westerntailscarf Western Tail Scarf Tail Western 2
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Helmet 2016 Phoenix Helmet Head Phoenix 2
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Amulet Phoenix Amulet Neck Phoenix 1
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Armor 2016 Phoenix Armor Body Phoenix 1
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Leg-Armor Phoenix Leg Armor Legs Phoenix 3
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Tail-Armor Phoenix Tail Armor Tail Phoenix 2
Diamond-Shop Flower-Helmet 2017 Flower Helmet Head Flower 2
Diamond-Shop Flower-Amulet 2017 Flower Amulet Neck Flower 1
Diamond-Shop Flower-Armor 2017 Flower Armor Body Flower 3
Diamond-Shop Flower-Gauntlets 2017 Flower Gauntlets Legs Flower 1
Diamond-Shop Flower-Tail-Armor 2017 Flower Tail Armor Tail Flower 2
Royal crown Royal Crown Head Royal 2
Royal amulet Royal Amulet Neck Royal 1
Royal cloak Royal Cloak Body Royal 3
Royal gauntlets Royal Gauntlets Legs Royal 1
Royal tail armor Royal Tail Armor Tail Royal 2
SpiHel Spirit Helmet Head Spirit 2
SpiAmu Spirit Amulet Neck Spirit 1
SpiArm Spirit Armor Body Spirit 3
SpiGau Spirit Gauntlet Legs Spirit 1
SpiTaiArm Spirit Tail Armor Tail Spirit 2
Wind Helmet Wind Helmet Head Wind 2
Wind Amulet Wind Amulet Neck Wind 1
Wind Armor Wind Armor Body Wind 3
Wind Gauntlets Wind Gauntlets Legs Wind 1
Wind Tail Armor Wind Tail Armor Tail Wind 2
Ph1 Princess Hennin Head Princess 2
Pn1 Princess Necklace Neck Princess 1
Prgo1 Princess Gown Body Princess 1
Princess Slippers - Purple Pink (1) Princess Slippers Legs Princess 3
Princess Tail Ribbons - Purple Pink (1) Princess Tail Ribbons Tail Princess 2


The clothing shop sells miscellaneous clothing items that are not considered part of an armor set. All clothing items purchased from the diamond shop are for members-only.

List of Available Clothing Items
Clothing Items Type? Diamond
Spiked Glove purple
Spiked Glove Legs 3
DS Winged Collar green Winged Collar Neck 2
Pixotterhead Pixelated Otter Head Head 1
Pixelatedkoalahead Pixelated Koala Head Head 2
Pixelated Giraffe Head Pixelated Giraffe Head Head 2
FeatherNecklace1 Feather Necklace Neck 2
Diamond-Shop Jamaaliday-Branch-Antlers Default Jamaaliday Branch Antlers Head 2
Pixelated deer head Pixelated Deer Head Head 2
Feather tail 1 Feather Tail Tail 2
Diamond-Shop Mummy-Glove Brown Mummy Glove Legs 3
Redstuddedbracelet Studded Bracelet Legs 3
Studded Collar 1 Studded Collar Neck 3
Pixelated monkey head1 Pixelated Monkey Head Head 2
Pixelated arctic fox head Pixelated Arctic Fox Head Head 2
Mummy tail Mummy Tail Tail 2
Diamond-Shop Mysterious-Cloak Black Mysterious Cloak Body 2
Pixelated panda head Pixelated Panda Head Head 2
Pixelated eagle head Pixelated Eagle Head Head 2
Newlongbow Longbow Body 2
Pixelated horse head Pixelated Horse Head Head 2
PixelatedLynxHead Pixelated Lynx Head Head 2
Pixelated Cheetah Head Pixelated Cheetah Head Head 2
Elftailarmor Elf Tail Armor Tail 4
Pixelated Bunny Head Pixelated Bunny Head Head 2
Diamond-Shop Princess-Dress Purple Princess Dress Body 2
PixelatedTigerHead1 Pixelated Tiger Head Head 2
Pixelated Raccoon Head Pixelated Raccoon Head Head 2
PixelFoxHead Pixelated Fox Head Head 2
Pixelated Wolf Head Pixelated Wolf Head Head 2

Den Items

This shop sells a variety of furniture and other items for land Dens.

List of Available Den Items
Den Items Diamond Members-Only?
Money Bag Money Bag 1 Yes
Wooden Windmill Wooden Windmill 1 No
Covered Wagon Covered Wagon 2 Yes
Jail Cell Jail Cell 3 Yes
Surf Shop Surf Shop 2 Yes
Splash Splash Pad 2 No
Mushroom Water Feature 1 Mushroom Water Feature 2 Yes
Pool Pool 3 Yes
Pixel Easel Pixel Easel 2 Yes
Golden Nest Golden Nest 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop River-Race River Race 2 Yes
Gingerbread Tree House1 Gingerbread Treehouse 2 Yes
Sir gilbert's palace thrones Sir Gilbert's Palace Thrones 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Painter's-Easel Diamond Painter's Easel 2 No
Mira Waterfall Icon Mira Waterfall 2 No
CaPh01 Caged Phantom 1 Yes
TrPh01 Trapped Phantom 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Small-Wood-Den-Portal Yellow Small Wood Den Portal 1 No
Rain Cloud Rain Cloud 3 No
The llama claw The Llama Claw 3 Yes
The hyena claw The Hyena Claw 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Cheetah-Claw The Cheetah Claw 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Owl-Claw The Owl Claw 3 Yes
The polar bear claw1 The Polar Bear Claw 3 Yes
Thelynxclaw The Lynx Claw 3 Yes
The Lion Claw The Lion Claw 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Kangaroo-Claw The Kangaroo Claw 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Otter-Claw The Otter Claw 3 Yes
The Snow Leopard Claw Shops The Snow Leopard Claw 3 Yes
ArcticWolfClaw The Arctic Wolf Claw 3 Yes
The Giraffe Claw The Giraffe Claw 3 No
The deer claw The Deer Claw 3 No
Diamond-Shop The-Koala-Claw The Koala Claw 3 No
Raccoon claw The Raccoon Claw 3 No
FoxClaw The Fox Claw 3 No
The Penguin Claw The Penguin Claw 3 No
Diamond-Shop The-Seal-Claw The Seal Claw 3 No
Diamond-Shop Rhino-Claw The Rhino Claw 3 No
Diamond-Shop The-Crocodile-Claw The Crocodile Claw 3 No
Diamond-Shop The-Panda-Claw The Panda Claw 3 No
ThElCl00 The Elephant Claw 3 No
TTC0000 The Tiger Claw 3 No
TBC00 The Bunny Claw 3 No
TMC01 The Monkey Claw 3 No
The Horse Claw The Horse Claw 3 No
TWC00 The Wolf Claw 3 No
Diamond-Shop The-Falcon-Claw The Falcon Claw 3 Yes
The goat claw The Goat Claw 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Swoopy-Eagle Swoopy Eagle 2 No
Diamond-Shop Hot-Cocoa-Machine Hot Cocoa Machine 4 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phantom-Invasion Phantom Invasion 4 Yes
Giant goat plushie Giant Goat Plushie 1 Yes
Giant Eagle Plushie Blue Giant Eagle Plushie 1 Yes
Giant lynx plushie Giant Lynx Plushie 1 Yes
Giant cheetah 01 Giant Cheetah Plushie 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Llama-Plushie Giant Llama Plushie 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Owl-Plushie Giant Owl Plushie 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Polar-Bear-Plushie White Giant Polar Bear Plushie 1 Yes
Giant Otter Plush Standard Giant Otter Plushie 1 Yes
Giant Hyena Plushie 1 Giant Hyena Plushie 1 Yes
Giantroo1 Giant Kangaroo Plushie 1 No
Giant-Arctic-Wolf-Plushie White Giant Arctic Wolf Plushie 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Snow-Leopard-Plushie Giant Snow Leopard Plushie 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Lion-Plushie Default Giant Lion Plushie 1 Yes


All of the music items are for members only and are sold for 1 Diamond each.

List of Available Music
Diamond Shop Geckos! Geckos!
Liza's garden music Liza's Garden
Diamond-Shop Happy-Go-Lucky Happy-Go-Lucky
Diamond-Shop Lucky-Clovers Lucky Clovers
Meet cosmo music Meet Cosmo
The Forgotten Desert Music Diamond Shop The Forgotten Desert
The hidden falls music The Hidden Falls
Diamond-Shop Chamber-of-Knowledge Chamber of Knowledge
Ocean Ocean Base Camp
Diamond-Shop The-Great-Escape Great Escape
Bass Camp Bass Camp
MysticalMorning Mystical Morning


  • Outside of the Diamond Shop, the pathway seems to be made of Diamonds.
  • Animals purchased in the Diamond Shop can be bought again and again when creating a new animal, but for just 1000 Gems. The same goes for the Diamond Shop's pets, which will then be available for 400 Gems.
  • Jammers can exchange Diamonds for Gems, but not vice versa.
  • The Diamond Shop's music theme is Mystical Morning, which can be purchased from the shop itself at the price of 1 Diamond.
  • The clothing and den items were originally part of the same shop window, but they were split into two different shop windows when the clothing previews were introduced on May 12, 2016.
  • There was a sale during May 17–22, 2016, where every animal in the Diamond Shop, except for the Hyena, was half-off (5 Diamonds).
  • A weekly sale feature was announced on June 9, 2016, where every week something from the Diamond Shop will be put on sale for half-off.
  • Flying animals can stand on the roof of the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township.
  • The term 'diamond' comes from the ancient Greek term 'adámas', meaning 'unbreakable', 'proper', or 'unalterable'.
  • The Pet Rooster was the first non-member pet to be sold in the Diamond Shop.
  • It can be assumed that the idea for the currency was derived from real life diamonds, well-known for their beauty, strength, and rarity.


  • There is a glitch where if the player selects a pet to purchase but then closes the customization screen before purchasing it, the shop window will display how many Gems the player has instead of how many Diamonds they have.
  • There is a glitch where most of the decorative diamonds in the shop will become green for a split second before returning normal upon entering the shop.
  • There is a glitch where the amount of diamonds would not change after purchasing an item. However, you can still only spend the amount you have.
  • There is a glitch where, when trying to purchase a pet, it will tell you that you already have it, and you buy it for gems instead.
  • There is a glitch that happens when you have the animal jam sound off, putting your mouse over the pets section still makes a noise.

Clothing Preview Glitch

There was a glitch where the clothing items could appear as solid burgundy shade, but they could not be purchased. This occurred if the player was previewing a non-default color variant of an item while on a non-default sorting option. If the player then clicked one of the sorting buttons such that an item with fewer color variants aligned in the same slot as the previewed item, when they finally clicked the close-up magnifying glass button they would see a solid magenta variant that wasn't actually available.


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Inside View

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Seasonal Appearances

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