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A Diamond

Diamonds are the most recent currency in Animal Jam. They appear as blue Diamonds, sparkling with lighter top highlights. They were originally given out in late 2012 early 2013 in a 3 Diamond promo. Club Members receive them every Tuesday, while all Jammers have a chance of winning some Diamonds in the Daily Spin although it is still very uncommon. (Recently, AJHQ added more chances to win Diamonds, so it is not as rare winning them) Jammers can also receive larger amount of Diamonds such as ten or twenty-five on certain gift cards, which can be bought through retail stores.

Diamonds can only be used in the Diamond Shop to purchase prizes. Most Diamond Items are members only, although AJHQ has put some non-member items in there too, for example, the Giant Kangaroo PlushieDiamond Encrusted Tail Armor  or the Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets . Members can use Diamonds to purchase past Monthly Member Gifts, dens, clothes, seasonal pets and gift card animals. 

Diamonds are given out in December as part of the Jamaalidays. Also during December, you can buy holiday themed items given out by the "Advent Calandar" during the real time of Advent (Dec 1-24)

AJHQ has confirmed that all Diamond reward rumors to be false, as said in this.

However there has been a Diamond code which grants you one Diamond (as of 2014): twelve. This code no longer works.


  • You will often see Jammers coloring their animals white, have no clothes or pet, have a white name tag, and dancing on a Diamond in the Diamond shop, claiming they have used this method and that it gives Diamonds. Don't waste your time.  Like said above, using twelve in the code widget when logging in no longer gives 1 Diamond. The only ways to get Diamonds are from the Daily Spin, from codes obtainable at AJ Outfitters, and gained by members once a week. Another way is by the Advent Calendars, which happens every December. Otherwise, there are no other ways of getting these.
  • Although you can recycle diamonds for gems, you can not give gems for diamonds, and 1 diamond is worth 1000 gems.
  • There is a rumor that if you click on the 2 diamonds in the Daily Spin before spinning it will land on one of the diamonds. This has been proven false.


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