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Diamonds are a special currency in Animal Jam that is used alongside Gems. They were first introduced on May 30, 2013 along with the Diamond Shop, which is also the primary place where they can be used. Jammers can see how many Diamonds they have by hovering over the Gems icon at the top of their screen, the Gems icon at the top of the Change Your Look menu, or by checking the Diamonds icon at the bottom of some shop menus.


They appear as light-blue, diamond-cut gemstones that sparkle with lighter top highlights. The official artwork for Diamonds matches their appearance in-game, but it often shows them in various sizes.

Earning Diamonds

Diamonds Daily Spin

An example of winning 3 Diamonds in the Daily Spin

Diamonds are primarily obtained from the Daily Spin (for non-members), the Member Spin (for members-only), and the weekly contests that AJHQ holds. After 2013, the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar started including Diamond gifts on certain days as well.


Jammers can purchase a Diamonds Gift Certificate from Animal Jam Outfitters that will reward them with bonus Diamonds in the game. These are available in amounts of 10 Diamonds or 25 Diamonds. Animal Jam Outfitters also sells membership and gift packs that may reward varying amounts of Diamonds going from 25-60 Diamonds.


Many membership deals come with a different amount of Diamonds depending on the length of the membership. Purchasing a membership directly from the main website offers choices of 6 months with 9,000 Gems and 25 Diamonds or 12 months with 25,000 Gems and 60 Diamonds. Jammers can also purchase Membership Gift Certificates, much like the Diamonds Gift Certificate, from Animal Jam Outfitters; these membership certificates include a 3-month membership with 6,000 Gems and 10 Diamonds, an offer that is not available from the main website.

Spending Diamonds

Diamond-Shop Example

An example of a Diamond Shop menu

Diamonds can only be used in the Diamond Shop to purchase clothing, den items, pets, dens, music, other animals, and the Painter's Easel, which can be used to make masterpieces without going to the Art Studio, which is located in Coral Canyons. Technically, Diamonds can also be spent outside the Diamond Shop, such as at the Den Shop, Studio Corner, or Epic Wonders Den Shop, but they are still Diamond Shop purchases. Diamonds can also be used to purchase Gems in the Diamond Exchange.


  • After an animal or pet is purchased with Diamonds, more of that animal or pet can be purchased for Gems.
  • Unlike animals and pets, when a den is purchased with Diamonds, the player cannot purchase additional copies of that den for Gems; instead, the player must pay the same Diamonds price for each copy of the den.
  • Although Diamonds can be used to purchase Gems, players cannot use Gems to purchase Diamonds.
  • Originally, all purchases made with Diamonds were for members only, but some non-member offers have been added over time.
  • Initially, the Daily Spin did not offer any Diamond rewards, but this was changed to one slot for Diamonds in June 2013 and then increased to two slots in June 2014.
  • The original retail membership cards did not include Diamonds because Diamonds were not yet released at the time.
  • Some Jammers claimed that by clicking the two diamonds in the Daily Spin before spinning, it would land on one of the diamonds. This has been proven false.
  • In the Play Wild app, Sapphires are used in the same manner as Diamonds.
  • The former code ("twelve") that would reward 1 Diamond is redeemable again.
  • On November 25, 2016, and December 24, 2016, there was a Message In A Bottle in Crystal Sands that gave everyone (non-member and member) one Diamond.
  • Members could formerly obtain one Diamond from a feature called the Weekly Diamond, which was removed on January 1, 2017. This was replaced with the Member Spin.
  • The term 'diamond' comes from the ancient Greek term 'adámas', meaning 'unbreakable', 'proper', or 'unalterable'.
  • It can be assumed that the idea for the currency was derived from real life diamonds, well-known for their beauty, strength, and rarity.


Have you ever heard that if you dress in all white, and hop up in down in the Diamond Shop you will get free diamonds? Everyday at AJHQ we see Jammers trying to get free diamonds by dressing in all-white outfits.They jump up and down, up and down—but no diamonds! Why? That is because the diamond shop does not give out free diamonds. Its only purpose is to make Epic Items available to Jammers.
~ AJHQ on The Daily Explorer Blog



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