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Animal Jam Den Shop 2

The second page of Dens in the Den Shop.

A Den is the home for your animal in Animal Jam. The "Small House" and "Sunken Ship" dens are the only dens available to non-members. Some Dens go on sale for a limited period of time, such as the Haunted House (which ends after the Night of the Phantoms), the Water Park (which ends after the summer), the Snow Fort, (which is only available in the Winter) and the Gingerbread House den (which is available only during December).

Dens generally cost between 2,000-7,500 Gems or 5-7 Diamonds. There are two aquatic dens, the "Sunken Ship" den, and the "Lost Ruins" den. Dens are available in the Den Shop in Coral Canyons, while the underwater dens are available in Deep Blue; these can also be accessed by the Jammer, simply clicking the "Switch Den" icon when editing their Den.

The maximum number of items in one Den is 500 items for Members and 100 items for Non-Members. Members can have up to 16 Dens. You cannot delete the original "Small House" den, because its the only den available to Non-Members. It is impossible for a Jammer to have no den. Most dens have seasonal themes, such as the Gingerbread House  and the Haunted House. Jammers are able to decorate their dens any way that they would like. Some dens are from the Diamond Shop, such as the Crystal Palace. These dens cost around 7 Diamonds each, and some of them are known for being the biggest dens. The Greely's Hideout Den and the Sky Kingdom Den are some of the bigger dens that cost 7 Diamonds , although, there was another bigger den only available in the Beta Testing, which you can read more about in the Trivia section.

Coral Canyons' Den Shop

Diamond Shop


  • The Fantasy Castle is the most expensive den that can be purchased with gems. Its total comes to a whopping 7,500 Gems.
  • If you had purchased a King of the Jungle Membership Card, you had the option to choose a free Castle Den or a National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription. 
  • The Castle Den is used as the layout for the Trading Party, with the exception of a few changes such as: snow, firepits, and a frozen moat (instead of the regular grass).
  • While in "Preview Mode", you can't chat, use any actions or see other players. Yet you are able to type :dance:, :hop:  (even though you won't get a little chat bar on the bottom) and you will dance, hop etc. This glitch isn't patched.
  • The newest den is the Pixel Place, which is available in the Diamond Shop for 7 Diamonds.
  • There used to be a den for Jammers during the Beta Stage, which included 3 floors, but it was soon removed after the Beta Stage was over. It was thought that the den was the Small House den, but was later debunked. (You are able to see what it looked like at the Beta Party, as this party features that den).
  • There are miniature versions of "real" dens available for pets, such as the Pet Fantasy Castle Den, the Pet Castle Den, the Pet Haunted House Den, and the Pet Princess den.
  • Dens can be reached by clicking the house icon on the World Map.
  • Currently, the biggest den is the Sky Kingdom.
  • The Diamond Shop dens are actually the most expensive dens, if you convert the cost of the diamonds into gems.
  • There are dens that have never been seen before on the GIF that is the heading of the Epic Den Challenges. It is rumored that these dens may soon be released.
  • Diamond Shop dens can be obtained in den shops, but they still must be bought with diamonds.
  • Other than the small den, the most least expensive den is the Sunken Ship Den.
  • Unlike animals and pets, when a den is purchased with Diamonds, the player cannot purchase additional copies of that den for Gems; instead, the player must pay the same Diamonds price for each copy of the den.


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