The Small House is the starting den for all Jammers.

Dens are the homes for the animal avatars in Animal Jam. They can be decorated with many den items and Jammers can visit other players' dens as well. All Jammers have at least one den, but most dens are only available to players with a Membership.


Jammers can access their own den by clicking the "Den" button that looks like a small hut in the bottom right corner of the screen. This button is also included at the top left of the World Map.Also edit the should click Edit Den button in the same place.

Jammers can access other players' dens by clicking the "Visit Den" button on their Player Cards. Alternatively, Jammers can travel to Epic Dens by clicking on them in the World Map list. It is also possible to travel to connected dens by stepping into Den Portals, which are placed in dens.


Land dens can be purchased in the Den Shop in Coral Canyons, while the underwater dens are available for purchase in Deep Blue. Jammers can also purchase a new den by simply clicking the "Switch Den" icon while editing their den, and then clicking one of the empty "Make A New Den" slots. Dens cost between 2,000-7,500 Gems or 5-7 Diamonds. All Jammers can have up to 40 dens, but only one of them can be active at a time.


There are thousands of different den items in the game that can be placed in dens as decorations. The maximum number of items that can be placed in one den is 500 for members and 100 for non-members. Likewise, the maximum number of items that can be owned is 1000 for members and 200 for non-members. Many den items have special animations that repeat in a loop. Some den items are interactive and perform some series of animations when clicked in just the right spots, but these changes can only be seen by the Jammer that is interacting with them. A very small number of den items will give the player a Holdable Icon to carry around for a short time if they click the item in the right spot. A few den items will actually make noise if they are clicked, but this noise can only be heard by the Jammer that is interacting with the item.

Special Features

Some dens have special features such as slides, bouncy floors, liquid to swim in, and areas that will cause an avatar tint. Land animals can use slides to travel in one direction from one area of the den to another, but flying animals cannot use these. Bouncy floors work like the floors of the Bounce House Party where the animals will automatically hop very high into the air when standing on them. Liquids cause land animals to appear partially submerged and they cause some pets to tread water. Avatar tints are a color applied to the animals in an area depending on how long they remain there.


Regular Dens

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Dens Members-Only? Gems
Icon of Small Den Small House No 2,000
Ol Barn Den 1 Ol' Barn Yes 5,000
Enchanted hollow icon Enchanted Hollow Yes 7,000
Icon of Fantasy Castle Fantasy Castle Yes 7,500
Restaurant den icon Restaurant Yes 4,000
Icon of Volcano Volcano Yes 3,000
Icon of Princess Castle Princess Castle Yes 6,000
Castle Den Castle Yes 6,000
Icon of Treehouse Tree House Yes 4,000
Icon of Mushroom Hut Mushroom Hut Yes 5,000
Closer Preview


All seasonal dens are members-only.

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Dens Release? Gems
Icon of Water Park Water Park (Summer Only) 4,000
Snow Fort Icon Snow Fort (Winter Only) 5,000
Closer Preview

Diamond Dens

Member's Dens

These dens are all members-only and sold at the Diamond Shop.

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Dens Diamond
Icon of Art Gallery Art Gallery
CPD 00 Crystal Palace 7
Icon of Sol Arcade Sol Arcade 5
Icon of Sky Kingdom Sky Kingdom 7
Icon of Beach House Beach House 7
Icon of Bounce House Bounce House 5
Icon of Pixel House Pixel Place 5
Closer Preview


Click Expand to view
Dens Diamond
Cosmo Den Cosmo's Den 5
Greely`s hideout den shop Greely's Hideout 7
Icon of Sir Gilberts Palace Sir Gilbert's Palace 7
Icon of Peck Den Peck's Den 7
Dens Lizas-Garden Liza's Garden 7
Switch-Dens Grahams-Observatory Graham's Observatory 7
Closer Preview


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Dens Release? Diamond
Epic Haunted Manor Epic Haunted Manor Night of the Phantoms Only 5
Icon of Gingerbread House Gingerbread House Jamaalidays
(Monthly Member Gift)
Icon of Winter Palace Winter Palace Winter Only 7
Friendship Cottage diamond shop Friendship Cottage Friendship Festival Only 7
Diamond-Shop Jamaaliday-House-Icon Jamaaliday House Jamaalidays Only 5
Spring Cottage Spring Cottage Spring Only 7
Lucky-Castle Icon Lucky Castle Lucky Day Only 5
Den-Shop Haunted-Mansion-Small Haunted Mansion Night of the Phantoms
Closer Preview

Ocean Dens

Dens Members-Only? Price
Icon of Sunken Ship Sunken Ship Den No 2,500 Gems
Icon of Lost Ruins Lost Ruins Den Yes 3,500 Gems
Icon Sandcastle Sandcastle Yes 7 Diamonds


  • When a New Jammer first enters their den, they are automatically given a Rug, Table, Small Window, Chair, Couch, Lamp, and Houseplant. Originally, New Jammers would receive only a Sturdy Table and Blue Rug, but this changed on March 30, 2017.
  • When a New Jammer enters their den for the first time, Peck greets them and tells them how to decorate a den, as well as giving them diamonds and den items to start.
  • Before August 2011, dens could not be customized with different music and all dens had the same music.
  • Both the Gingerbread House and Haunted House have been discontinued, due to updated versions of the den. The "new versions" of these dens are known as the "Jamaaliday House" and "Epic Haunted Manor".
  • Up until August 2011, all den items had only one color, but new color variants were introduced after this. However, most den items released before this time still have only one color variety.
  • At a price of 7,500 Gems, the Fantasy Castle is the most expensive den that can be purchased with Gems.
  • Previously, when a King of the Jungle Membership Card was redeemed, Jammers could choose to receive a free Castle Den or a National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription. 
  • Many Parties are based on dens and vice versa. For example, the Castle Den is used as the layout for the Trading Party with a few changes such as added snow, fire pits, and a frozen moat in place of the regular grass.
  • While in "Preview Mode", Jammers can't access the action buttons, use chat or see other players, but it is possible to type action codes without the chat bar on the bottom of the screen, causing the animal of that player to perform the action.
  • Peck's Den, Liza's Garden, and the Sky Kingdom are some of the largest dens sold.
  • The only den available for Jammers during the Beta Testing was larger than most dens currently in the game, with 3 floors but very little space outside the house itself. This den was removed after the Beta Testing was concluded and is now visible as the setting of the Beta Party, with a few minor changes to it.
  • There are miniature versions of full-size dens available for pets, such as the Pet Princess Castle, the Pet Fantasy Castle, the Pet Castle, and the Pet Haunted House.
  • When using the Diamonds to Gems exchange, most dens purchased with Diamonds cost more than dens purchased with Gems, excluding the Fantasy Castle den.
  • Diamond dens can be obtained outside of the Diamond Shop, but they still must be bought with Diamonds.
  • Unlike animals and pets, when a den is purchased with Diamonds, the player cannot purchase additional copies of that den for Gems; instead, the player must pay the same price in Diamonds for each copy of the den.
  • The Small House and Sunken Ship dens are the only Non-Member dens.
  • The only den to change from a Gems price to a Diamonds price was the Haunted House. Initially, it cost 6,500 Gems, but the price later changed to 5 Diamonds.
  • As the original Small House den cannot be deleted, it is impossible for a Jammer to have no den.
  • Originally, the den view would slowly pan back towards the player's animal automatically after they finished editing, but this feature was changed in 2017 so that the player must first start moving before the view will pan back to their animal.


  • There is a glitch where a den's wallpaper will change into the shape of the wallpaper in another den. This often occurs with the Small House den when the player returns to their own den while already visiting another Jammer's den (which is a den other than the Small House den). It can also occur when switching dens and changing their wallpapers repeatedly.
  • There is a glitch where the AJ Melody music icon can appear in a den while it is being edited.
  • There is a glitch where a randomized animal icon will appear in a den, when walked towards the icon will still appear even if there is no animal currently in a den.


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