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The Crystal Statues are a group of members-only land den items. They feature the main six Alphas in a series of crystallized statues. Each statue was sold at Epic Wonders for 3,000 Gems during part of 2013.


Statues of the six original Alphas made of blue and purple crystal. They statues have glowing pale blue eyes,


Epic-Wonders Crystal-Cosmo-Statue Crystal Cosmo Statue
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Graham-Statue Crystal Graham Statue
Crystal greely statue Crystal Greely Statue
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Liza-Statue Crystal Liza Statue
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Peck-Statue Crystal Peck Statue
Epic-Wonders Crystal-Sir-Gilbert-Statue Crystal Sir Gilbert Statue


  • The statues can glow automatically, without being clicked on.
  • The statues went on sale for only 1,500 Gems before they were put on clearance.