Not to be confused with the Western Collection.

The Cowboy Set is a group of members-only land clothing items that are cowboy/western-themed. Even though they share a common theme, these items were not released together. The Cowboy Hat was released first on March 20, 2012 in the Horses Only Party. One year later, the Cowboy Boots were released on February 19, 2013 followed shortly by the Lasso on February 21, 2013; both were sold in Jam Mart Clothing.


These items share the same theme, but they have very different appearances overall. They share some similar color varieties such as brown, black, white, purple, green, red, blue, and pink. However, the hat and lasso have an orange variety that is missing from the boots. Each item has eight regular varieties and one rare variant.


All of these items are Members-Only.

Items Type Gems
Cowboy Hat 1 Cowboy Hat 1Head 500
Lasso brown Lasso 3Body 350
Shop Cowboy-Boots Brown Cowboy Boots 4Legs 400


  • The boots in this set have the exact same shape as the Musketeer Boots, but with different colors.

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