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Coral Canyons
Important Information
Land or Ocean Land
Attractions Bridge of red stone, Art Studio
Shops Den Shop, Epic Wonders, Royal Ridge
Games Sky High, Best Dressed, Swoopy Eagle, Long Shot,
Habitat Canyonland
Animal Jam OST - Coral Canyons

Coral Canyons is a gorge-like land full of red dust and sandstone. It seems to be based on the famous Grand Canyon. It was released on September 10th, 2010 (January 2015 for the app), as a celebration after the Beta Days ended. Middle top is the bridge to Sarepia Forest and bottom right is the entrance to Canyons Pathway. Greely's guardian land is in fact Coral Canyons - this is proven since the Greely Trading card's background was Coral Canyons. If Jamaa Township is full, Coral Canyons is the next place that Jammers will be auto-transferred to, if available.


Coral Canyon Bridge - A bridge in which Coral Canyons is both famous or infamous for. If four or more Jammers hop on it, the bridge will start to crack, and eagles would fly out to flee the falling boulders. The rumor, "If everyone jumps on the bridge, it will break!" is not true. The assumptions after breaking the bridge is the group would arrive at an enclosure and receive an award. The bridge is a controversial topic, debates and fights are common among Jammers if spoken about. Animal Jam Headquarters is abstrusive about the bridge, but hints it is not going to break.

Art Room - The Art Room is definitely a representation of the artistic bunny Shaman Peck. Inside, you can look at, color, and print several activities and games.


Den depot
Coral Corner (formerly) - At the far Northwestern area of Coral Canyons once resided, an outdoor furniture and pottery shop. For a period of time it was barren, but the Den Depot takes it's place. The Den Depot is a place where you can buy various different dens as used today.

Royal Ridge - A shop only accessible to flying animals. Most of the items are for members only, with only one all-player item; this makes sense, considering almost all flying animals are members. The items sold are relatively expensive compared to other shops, and all royal-themed—hence the name Royal Ridge.

Epic Wonders - It has a generous amount of strange and mysterious items that would change every now and then. The items are quite expensive, all costing at least 1,000 Gems.

Den Depot - The Den Depot sells many themes of Dens to. It is one of the newest shops in Coral Canyons.

Den Shop
Mushroom Hut 5,000 Gems
Enchanted Hollow 7,000 Gems
Fantasy Castle 7,500 Gems
Ol' Barn 5,000 Gems
Water Park 4,000 Gems
Restaurant 4,000 Gems
Volcano 3,000 Gems
Princess Castle 6,000 Gems
Castle 6,000 Gems
Tree House 4,000 Gems
Small House 2,000 Gems
Discontinued, clearanced, or currently unavailable items will be crossed out.

Epic Wonders
Amethyst Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Aquamarine Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Birthstone Display 1,000 Gems
Black Giant Wolf Plushie 2,000 Gems
Bronze Brick 2,500 Gems
Cake Bake Kitchen 4,500 Gems
Cherry Blossom Tree 1,500 Gems
Crater with Meteorite 2,500 Gems
Crossbow 2,250 Gems
Crystal Chair 1,250 Gems
Crystal Cosmo Statue 3,000 Gems
Crystal Couch 1,500 Gems
Crystal Graham Statue 3,000 Gems
Crystal Greely Statue 3,000 Gems
Crystal Liza Statue 3,000 Gems
Crystal Peck Statue 3,000 Gems
Crystal Sir Gilbert Statue 3,000 Gems
Crystal Table 1,000 Gems
Cuckoo Clock 2,250 Gems
Designer Skirt 2,600 Gems
Dessert Table 2,000 Gems
Diamond Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Diamond Crown 1,250 Gems
Diamond Earrings 3,000 Gems
Diamond Necklace 3,250 Gems
Diamond on Display 4,500 Gems
Diamond Phantom 7,500 Gems
Diamond Ring 3,000 Gems
Diamond Tiara 1,250 Gems
DJ Headset 2,500 Gems
Dragonfly Wings 3,000 Gems
Dual Samurai Swords 2,200 Gems
Elegant Table  2,000 Gems
Emerald Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Emerald Ring 1,000 Gems
Epic Seasonal Tree 2,250 Gems
Epic Wonders Orb 2,500 Gems
Fairy Princess Hat 1,250 Gems
Fancy Vanity 3,000 Gems
Feast Table 4,500 Gems
Firefly Necklace 1,500 Gems
Garnet Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Gem Encrusted Necklace 1,500 Gems
Giant Trapped Phantom 3,500 Gems
Gold Brick 10,000 Gems
Gold Ring 2,000 Gems
Golden Bow and Arrows 4,500 Gems
Golden Dragon Mask 3,000 Gems
Golden Glove 4,000 Gems
Golden Pirate Sword 2,500 Gems
Golden Royal Cape 2,000 Gems
Golden Samurai Helmet 2,500 Gems
Golden Throne 2,000 Gems
Golden Tiara 2,200 Gems
Golden Unicorn Horn 3,500 Gems
Golden Wings 3,000 Gems
Hood with Feather 1,500 Gems
Ice Garden 3,500 Gems
Ice Thrones 2,000 Gems
Nesting Cosmo Doll 1,000 Gems
Nesting Gilbert Doll 1,000 Gems
Nesting Graham Doll 1,000 Gems
Nesting Greely Doll 1,000 Gems
Nesting Liza Doll 1,000 Gems
Nesting Peck Doll 1,000 Gems
Nunchucks 4,000 Gems
Opal Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Pearl Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Perdiot Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Pet Castle 2,500 Gems
Pet Fantasy Castle 2,500 Gems
Pet Princess Castle 2,500 Gems
Phantom Throne 2,500 Gems
Princess Carriage 3,000 Gems
Raccoon Hat 1,750 Gems
Red Sports Car 6,000 Gems
Royal Tiara 3,500 Gems
Ruby Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Sapphire Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Sapphire Ring 1,000 Gems
Scorpion Armor 1,000 Gems
Scorpion Claws 1,250 Gems
Scorpion Helmet 1,000 Gems
Scorpion Tail Armor 1,500 Gems
Shadow Garden 3,500 Gems
Silver Brick 5,000 Gems
Silver Glove 2,000 Gems
Space Ship Command 5,000 Gems
Three Horned Armor 1,500 Gems
Topaz Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Turquoise Birthstone 1,500 Gems
Turquoise Bracelet 1,250 Gems
Turquoise Necklace 1,500 Gems
Turquoise Ring 1,000 Gems
Tuxedo Jacket 1,750 Gems
Zios Mask 3,000 Gems
Zios Rug 1,500 Gems


Best Dressed - Dress up your avatar to match the theme, don't forget to change your physical features as well! Vote for the Jammer you believe is best dressed.

Long Shot - Launch the armadillo at a right timing to last a longer distance. The geysers and moles will add an additional mile to your score.

Sky High - On your keyboard use the arrow keys to direct your avatar on the clouds to reach to the top and obtain a treasure chest with bonus Gems. Once you hop on a cloud it immediately disappears, watch out for phantoms!

Sssssnake - The key is to eat as many mice as you can without biting your tail. Make sure to catch the golden mouse for bonus Gems!

Swoopy Eagle  - Using the spacebar or the left mouse button, make an eagle flap it's wings and avoid the cacti. (Resembles Flappy Bird)

Journey Book

You may find these things for the Journey Book in Coral Canyons

Saguaro Cactus - This cactus can be found outside the bottom of the waterfall of Epic Wonders.

Tarantula - Will crawl on the small rock to the left of the bridge near the waterfall.

Scorpion - Will crawl out from under the lavender flowers to the left of the staircase in front of the are studio.

Woodchuck - You can find this on a rock just above the scorpion to the right, just a little farther up.

Cardinal - This bird will fly on a branch of the large tree to the right of the Den Shop in the South West.

Coyote - The coyote is very small and will be in the distance. Walk on the bridge to the right of the Den shop.

Peregrine Falcon - Will be flying in the distance. Just go to the Kitten Pet Finder and wait. Rumor says if you work together it will immediately come out.

Dandelion - Will be on the bridge beside the waterfall. Just go down a little ways and it will be on the left.

Gila Monster - Crawls on the rock to the left of the bridge near the waterfall, just above the one with the tarantula.

Rattlesnake - Will crawl out between two cacti between to the right of the Best Dressed game.

Honeybee - Can be found swarming around a hive above Best Dressed.


Jamaa Mysteries — Coral Canyons!

by AJHQ, under Jamaa Mysteries

We all know that Jamaa is a magical land that is filled with fun and mystery. We have heard rumors and reports that throughout Jamaa, special and amazing things happen when Jammers gather. Reports have just come in of a “rocking” good time Jammers have had on the stone bridge in Coral Canyons…

Hey there, Jammers!

It's super wild to hear from you! However, it sounds to us you've heard quite the wild rumor in Jamaa, is that right? If so, we're thrilled to hear you enjoy jumping on the bridge in Coral Canyons as much as we do! Have you noticed that it cracks when 3 or more Jammers jump on it? We know many Jammers and their friends have tried breaking this bridge for many seasons. Unfortunately, we haven't heard of any Jammers successfully breaking it yet, but can you imagine what would happen if you were the lucky Jammer to break it? We'd be careful though.... those cracks look pretty dangerous!.


  • There is a rumor that long time ago Coral Canyons was underwater, since the name 'Coral' is an underwater animal. However in the beta days the preview art of Coral Canyons didn't look underwater.
  • Coral Canyons has the second most number of shops, the first being Jamaa Township.
  • On the first day or two of The Royal Ridge eagle-only shop's release, there was a glitch that allowed all animals to walk up to the top. This was patched quickly.


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