Cookie is an NPC character who appears in Return of the Phantoms.


You did it! Now we can use the WELL WATER to water our plants.
I heard there are ancient TREASURES hidden in these woods. Some say Mira herself hid them long ago!


Cookie is a bunny with gray and white fur, baby pink ear's insides and black eyes. She has a Splash pattern and wears a pink Designer Skirt and a pink Diamond Necklace.

Colors & Designs

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 5.29.09 PM

Color One: White (1x4)
Color Two: Baby Pink (3x4)
Eyes: Open eyes with eyelashes
Eye Color: Black (1x1)
Pattern: Splash
Pattern Color: Dark Grey (1x2)
Items: Designer Skirt (Pink), Diamond Necklace (Pink)


  • Binky and Cookie are the only bunnies to not have a name that is commonly given in reality.
  • Cookie is only meetable in one adventure, which is Return of the Phantoms.