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Game Redeem-A-Code

The in-game screen for entering a code

Codes are bonuses that reward the player with Gems or items. They can be found in the National Geographic Kids Magazine and Almanac/Infopedia, and are occasionally featured on the Daily Explorer. Other ways codes are distributed are from the Jam-A-Grams AJHQ sends on special occasions, such as holidays. Each code may only be used once, and both non-members and members alike are able to use codes.

Entering Codes

Players have three ways in which they may enter codes. The first way is by going to Animal Jam's home screen and selecting the box next to "I Have a Code to Enter!", thus enabling a text box where the player may enter their code in. However, the player cannot be logged in, as the box is only visible when the player log in is showing. The second way is by entering the code on Animal Jam's "redeem your code" page, where the player will then be taken to a page that confirms whether or not the code will be applied on the player's account. If the player is logged off, they will need to sign in again. The third method is to simply click on the "Enter Code" button located inside the My Settings menu while playing in-game.

Valid Codes

Code Reward
ajbday6 6th Birthday Cake
bemybuddy 1,000 Gems
birthday 500 Gems
explore 500 Gems
explorer 100 Gems
fashion 500 Gems
llamas 500 Gems
party 500 Gems
phantoms 500 Gems
trench 500 Gems
trivia 500 Gems
underwater 500 Gems
flying 500 Gems
tropical 500 Gems

Expired Codes

Code Reward
ajbday 1st Birthday Cake
ajbday3 3rd Birthday Cake
ajbday5 5th Birthday Cake
ajrocks 500 Gems
animals 1,000 Gems
beano 1,000 Gems
bff4ever 100 Gems
birthdaybash 2nd Birthday Cake
campwild 1,000 Gems
celebrate 1,000 Gems
coralreef 1,000 Gems
croc 1,000 Gems
danceparty 1,000 Gems
deepsea 500 Gems
discovery 1,000 Gems
drawing 100 Gems
feast 1,000 Gems
festival 1,000 Gems
foodfight 1,000 Gems
friends 1,000 Gems
ganges 500 Gems
gecko Green Gecko Plushie
gorilla 1,000 Gems
hammock 1,000 Gems
jamaalidays 500 Gems
koala 500 Gems
moviebytes 1,000 Gems
newyear15 500 Gems
newyearjam 1,000 Gems
ngk2015 1,000 Gems
ngkaj17 500 Gems
ngkids 1,000 Gems
ngkidsrock 1,000 Gems
ngkjammin 1,000 Gems
nile 500 Gems
outback 500 Gems
peskyphantoms 1,000 Gems & Imprisoned Phantoms
pets 500 Gems
playfree 1,000 Gems
playsmart 1,000 Gems
playwild 1,000 Gems
potion 1,000 Gems
roar 1,000 Gems
speedy 1,000 Gems
spooky 1,000 Gems
thanks Imprisoned Phantoms
tigris 500 Gems
tojam 1,000 Gems
treasure 1,000 Gems
treat 100 Gems
twelve 1 Diamond
winter 500 Gems
zambezi 500 Gems
mega 1,000 Gems
gifts 500 Gems
arctic 500 Gems


  • The ability to add codes in-game was introduced in an update on April 14, 2016.
  • When a Jazware toy pet house code is redeemed, there will be an icon for the toys that have been collected.
  • If the player enters too many codes incorrectly, a security pop-up will appear to confirm that the user is not a robot.
  • There used to be a glitch where a player would enter a code when their membership expired and be able to play as a non member member animal. However, this glitch was patched.


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