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This article is about the animal. For the pet, see Pet Cheetah.
Cheetah Head Icon

The Cheetah is a members-only land animal that was first hinted at on September 31, 2013. It was originally released on October 10, 2013, and was formerly sold at the Diamond Shop. They came back on March 30th.

Default Appearance

Cheetahs have a amber coloured body with greyish purple spiraling spots, a cream underbelly, and black eyes. Their front legs look a bit bigger in size than the back legs. The cheetah's ears are in a square shape and their face are in a rectangular type of shape.


  • Hop
  • Play
  • Sit
  • Sleep
  • Dance
Acts Description
Dance Waves arms up and down while doing a jig, followed by a split
Sleep Sleeps on its side, with its front paws tucked in
Hop Jumps up and down at a medium height, eyes are slightly narrowed
Play Crouches down and then speeds off the screen, leaving the clothes and dust behind, then returning to the same spot, slipping all clothing items back on
Sit Similar to the way Tigers, Snow Leopards, and Lions sit


  • Animal Jam made a Jam-A-Gram with a cheetah on it that was supposed to say "Fast As A Cheetah!" However, they made a typo so it read "Fast As A Chetah!" This typo was later fixed.
  • Along with the Lion, Arctic Wolf and the Snow Leopard, they could be purchased with a Gift Card before the Diamond Shop was released. However, this was a temporary offer and was not tied to any specific gift card.
  • Cheetahs are one of the six felines on Animal Jam.
  • The Cheetah's cream coloring for their underbelly color is unique in shade, it cannot be changed back once the color is modified.
  • They have a Pet Counterpart.
  • Cheetahs are one of the six animals that have their own special pattern.
  • They have their own animated short called "All Tied Up".
  • Their special pattern is similar to the Snow Leopard's special pattern.
  • They are the fifth Diamond Shop animal released, alongside the Arctic WolfLion,Snow Leopard, and Kangaroo
  • They have a green-ish black eye color that cannot be changed back. 


  • On October 23, 2014, Cheetahs were endangered, therefore Jammers couldn't buy them unless they had already purchased one.
  • They had returned to the Diamond Shop on May 14, 2015, after having been listed as "endangered" for several months, but they were removed once again on July 21, 2016.



Fun Facts


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